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Upskilling is the key to success

Choose the training that exactly fits your needs

Upskilling matters – more than ever!

Be more proficient and effective.

Trainings, seminars, and workshops are a great way to learn about new and different approaches to work. They provide fresh ideas and make your organization more proficient with the people and tools you already use.

With us, knowledge sticks!

Our trainers are experts in their respective fields and in effectively imparting know-how to learners so that they can apply it in the real world.

Upskilling improves employee retention.

Keeping employees happy and engaged is undeniably challenging. However, offering them opportunities to advance their careers and improve their skillsets provides them with better professional opportunities and a solid growth plan.

What sets us apart?

Our curated trainings address your specific needs, offering a hands-on and practical experience. After the training, we also offer hand-holding sessions to assist individuals in any real-life challenges that they might encounter while implementing these learnings. 

As part of a tailor-made curriculum around Business Agility, the Nagarro trainers provided us with methodological knowledge as well as plenty of practical experience through exciting group exercises and entertaining learning units. We especially liked the interactive design and the fact that there was plenty of fun. All in all, a valuable experience for our team and an important step in realizing our vision. 

The ICAgile training from Nagarro was a great mix of knowledge transfer and practical exercises, the trainers were competent and there was also a lot of fun. My most entertaining online training so far and at the same time very useful for our team. 

Nagarro is our partner of choice not only for single trainings but for a full curriculum of virtual and physical classroom trainings. The satisfaction score is extremely high – all our employees upskilled by Nagarro are more effective at their jobs. 

We at Nagarro don’t do just trainings, we build learning experiences – both on site and virtually!

Our high-impact learning offers can take you or your team to the next level of engagement and productivity. To ensure you get the proper training with the knowledge and tools you need to do your job efficiently and correctly, it is important to work with a team that brings decades of experience in the field of on-site and virtual trainings, either public or individually tailored in-house, to the table. That is where Nagarro can make all the difference along with our strategic partners.

ICAgile trainings create adaptive Agile practitioners, ensuring elevated organizational agility!



Unlock business agility with SAFe trainings, navigating the Scaled Agile Framework for success.



Master software testing through ISTQB trainings, certifying expertise in quality assurance practices.



Explore the IREB trainings that expand your professional knowledge in Requirements Engineering.


Our strategic partners

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Let's start your learning journey!

Whether you are an individual and would like to take part in a public training course or are interested in organizing an in-house training exclusively for your team, we help you find the right way and build a customized learning plan for you and/or your entire team.

Submit the form below and we’ll promptly reach out to to coordinate a virtual call to discuss your needs. 


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