What does the buzzword “agile” mean? Do you want to know about the agile processes & methods and experience them first-hand? If yes, then this training is just right for you. From the very first minute, you will be part of a two-day agile project in which you will acquire the theoretical knowledge through practical exercises.


This training bridges the gap between theory and practice in order to pave the way for a successful agile project and team. The participants learn agile techniques and role models of an agile project organization. After the training, they will be equipped with comprehensive knowledge on how to become agile. 

Scope and objective

In this training, the participants experience and discuss the following topics:

  • Teaching and understanding agile principles, methods, and processes
  • Understanding and experiencing changed role models and team dynamics
  • Learning the basic principles of self-organized agile teams
  • Reflecting on your own corporate and project environment
  • Project manager
  • Business analysts
  • Software developer
  • Software tester


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