In projects that follow an agile process model, requirements engineering is often only carried out “intuitively.” Meanwhile, experience has shown that these projects cannot be carried out without established specification techniques. Within the framework of the training, the participants will learn how the entries of a product backlog can be developed in a targeted manner in order to meet the high-quality requirements of agile teams. It is not a matter of learning other methods. It requires applying the already established techniques effectively and simultaneously giving the team the greatest possible security with enough freedom in implementing the solution.


In most cases, no explanation is given as to how the entries in the product backlog achieve their Definition Of Ready. The seminar provides practical examples of how requirements engineering methods can be used in agile teams and projects, thus bridging the gap. This training will aid a product owner and boost the team's velocity.

Scope and objective
You will learn how product backlog entries can be systematically developed and documented using modern tools. The practical exercises will enable you to apply what you have learned to your everyday project work and use it effectively. The scope of the training includes:
    • Basics and terminology of Requirements Engineering
    • Overview of agile methods
    • Different roles in an agile environment
    • Requirement engineering techniques and methods in an agile environment
    • Quality criteria for requirements and requirement documentation
    • Requirements management in an agile environment
    • Questions from experienced participants
  • Specialists in software development and IT
  • Requirements engineers
  • Product managers (product owners)
  • Marketing and sales representatives
  • Analysts & consultants
  • Supplier managers
  • Quality managers


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