TestingPro - CARING for Autism

    Welcome to a project that thinks outside the box, breaks new ground against the shortage of IT experts and sets an example for social responsibility. TestingPro trains people with autism to become software testers and opens their way to the job market.

    Many companies complain about the lack of experts, not only in Austria but worldwide. Nagarro meets the demand with its flexible Hybrid-Shoring Model that combines on-site experts with offshore resources. This business model has the potential to engage highly qualified individuals on site. This applies in particular to test processes. In fact, we have been committed to the idea of attracting people with autism to the IT industry since 2016.

    Learn how this initiative opens a way for autistic individuals to the job market, what the educational program is about, and how companies can profit from the added value when hiring a TestingPro expert.

    Next training starts on September 13, 2021!

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    TestingPro finds talents

    Individuals with autism (especially in the form of Asperger's syndrome) have special abilities by nature since their brain processes information in a different way, they think in a structured way, have a logical disposition, and can recognize patterns as well as enjoy routine tasks and have impressive memory skills. The strengths of people with autism vary and often lies in the mathematical and analytical field. Learn more about the autism advantage from Thorkil Sonne, founder and chairman of the Specialisterne foundation.

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    The initiative’s success has been confirmed with various awards. Recently we won the “Constantinus Award” - Austria's consulting and IT prize as well as the “eAward” which is Austria’s most popular award in the IT-Industry.


    The training

    With TestingPro and our proven Nagarro trainer team as well as our close collaboration with Specialisterne, we offer specialized training in software testing including ISTQB® certification for people with autism.

    After the course, the TestingPro graduates are ready for the job market, qualified to make a valuable contribution to quality assurance in software projects. The course content is a ISTQB® certification as well as preparation for Tosca certification.
    Learn more about the course in this video!

    Next training starts on September 13, 2021!

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    Company Participation

    For companies interested in software testers from the TestingPro program, we are happy to put you in contact with trained talents. We have developed the following services for optimal integration:
    Managed Start: The Nagarro test coach accompanies your company until the work environment is optimally set up. With this service you create the best conditions for the successful work of your TestingPros. You and your team will be prepared accordingly by Specialisterne's autism experts.
    Integrated Test Service: Nagarro offers testing services and integrates the TestingPros into an experienced Nagarro team. The special skills of the graduates are used precisely in the process. You benefit from the result.
    Contact us today, so we can look-up candidates specifically suited for you!

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    Our Experience

    Robert Licen
    All my fears were unnecessary, because: How do you talk to them? Quite normal! How do you get close to them? Just like everyone else! How were the training days? Much more fun and exciting than "normal" training.
    Hannes Färberböck
    For me the old formula has come true: "Team productivity = difference * acceptance2". Because of the new things and differences, we have developed a different team structure and a different team dynamic.
    Johannes Klietmann
    Since the course is designed for people with autism, I know that I don't have to go to the trouble of concentrating on the content of the course. "And these contents are interesting and correspond to my talents."

    The Partners

    Specialisterne is Danish and means "the specialists". The organization has set up a goal for itself of creating one million jobs worldwide for people with autism. Specialisterne Austria accompanies the TestingPros on the applicant side. The autism experts at Specialisterne know about the special needs of people with autism they need to consider. For many years Specialisterne has been informing, placing and integrating talented people. The team is committed with passion, knowledge, and great offers.
    The Nagarro trainers have been specially trained by the Specialisterne team. TestingPro combines Nagarro's many years of training experience and IT expert knowledge with coaching by Specialisterne. Since 2017, we have employed experts from the program in the area of software testing.

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