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Higher efficiency & productivity through a unified data platform 

Our client is the seventh-largest accounting network in the world based on combined fee income. Within the United States, it holds the position of sixth-largest accounting and advisory firm. The client intended to enhance its auditing capabilities by leveraging cutting-edge data solutions. 

Nagarro built a unified data platform that delivered higher efficiency, productivity, increased collaboration, and data standardization.

The story

The client wanted to enhance operational efficiency, ensuring transparency and accountability in the processes. The processes needed regular monitoring and review of audit trails to ensure that they were following the required processes. An enhanced auditing capability would help the client avoid penalties, legal issues, and reputational damage associated with non-compliance.

They also needed refined operational workflows to make resource allocation efficient for optimized utility as they expanded their operations. Also, access to detailed information about operational activities would help them detect potential issues, anomalies, or unauthorized actions, helping the client take proactive measures to mitigate risks, prevent fraud, and protect sensitive data or assets.

The challenge

The client wanted to implement a unified platform to achieve their business goals. The platform’s consolidated view of the data would help them eliminate inefficiencies, enhance scalability to adapt to their growing operations, improve data management and analysis for better decision-making, and ultimately improve the performance with streamlined workflows and enhanced capabilities.

They wanted to revamp their critical processes to ensure better risk management, compliance, auditing, transparency, and accountability. They envisioned a data platform that accommodates their evolving tech needs, and facilitates accurate reporting and data-driven decision-making. Finally, they wanted to upgrade their UI to give users a consistent and intuitive experience for increased agility.


A women looking at the data and performance for challenge analysis

Thinking breakthroughs

We began the project with a thorough analysis of the client's existing tools, operational processes, and scalability requirements and identified the specific challenges and limitations the client was facing to determine the most suitable solution to address those issues.

We helped the client identify the right platform and tools that aligned with their objectives and industry practices.

Nagarro co-conceptualized a comprehensive and integrated solution. They provided insights and expertise to identify the right platform and tools that align with the client's objectives and industry best practices.

Group brainstorming to conceptualize a solution_Thinking Breakthroughs

The solution

Our team closely collaborated with the client’s IT team throughout the implementation to ensure that the platform is configured correctly and supports the integration of data and processes from existing tools into the unified platform. 

Following the conceptualization, Nagarro successfully developed and deployed a cloud-agnostic big data SaaS platform. As a centralized platform, it served multiple use cases and offered infrastructure for various solutions like recovery audits, contract compliance, and advanced analytics.

 A cloud-agnostic approach ensured that the platform could be deployed on any cloud giving customers the flexibility to choose their preferred cloud provider.

 The platform's data ingestion and transformation capabilities allowed the client to process large data volumes with a configuration-driven approach. 

It enabled quick and efficient data ingestion and cleansing, speeding up the analysis process.

The platform offered pre-built connectors to different data sources such as PostgreSQL, Snowflake, and Oracle, facilitating easy access to diverse data sources and types and ensuring smooth data integration.

 It adhered to the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle to promote code reusability and maintainability. Implementing the version code allowed us to track changes in the codebase, facilitating collaboration among developers and ensuring a reliable and auditable development process.

 A "design before coding" approach prioritized planning and design to avoid potential issues during development.

The impact

The platform significantly increased efficiency and productivity through process automation and workflow optimization. The platform eliminated inefficiencies like manual data manipulation and the need for multiple tools or scripts. It further brought down the error rate and data processing time.

Seamless integration with multiple data sources and systems allowed auditors to analyze and process data within a unified environment. It drove data-driven decision-making by ensuring data consistency and accuracy throughout the auditing process.

A centralized database ensured cross-team collaboration, knowledge sharing, and improved communication. Data standardization ensured consistent data structure and formats leading to more accurate and reliable audit findings. It further enabled benchmarking and trend analysis. 

Predefined templates or customizable workflows made it easier for auditors to adhere to best practices and industry regulations.

Impact of the platform - increased efficiency and productivity