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07 Dec
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By Kanchan Ray, Chaitali Sengupta
60 mins
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success story

Transforming automotive retail experiences

A cloud-native platform to make systems conversational with an API-first digital ecosystem.
The heterogeneous retail landscape of the client made digitalization of the customer journey technically complex and expensive. As a strategic enabler, API development was required to align with the overarching business strategy, ensure business and modernization impact through a simplified architecture, and drive efficiencies to fasten innovation.
Nagarro formulated a roadmap for an OpenAPI-based standardized, secure, and robust full lifecycle APIM solution that allows the deployment of products and applications with an API-first approach. We then engineered it with best-in-class capabilities such as automated service registration, central authorization for identity and access management, API traffic management to enable advanced analytics for developers and operational metrics, and a fully automated DevOps pipeline. Usage-based plans are offered on the marketplace to consumers creating new revenue streams.
The platform offers secured access to 300+ self-registered services, reducing the cost of running an API, encouraging reuse of the API, and improving time to market. The API economy elevated customer experience with personalized retail solutions in car buying, servicing, accident management, warranty claims, upgrade requests, etc., and improved workforce throughput.