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success story

Streaming live from the stadium

Uninterrupted, live transmission of EURO 2016 @230 km/h in railcars
The challenge was to live stream UEFA Euro 2016 @230 km/h in ÖBB Railjet. Further, the client had launched a massive digital campaign, increasing public expectations. Nagarro was on-boarded for the conception and coordination of this flagship project.
The process included developing scenarios and technical solutions for a stable and fail-safe reception, and to implement and test the solutions.
Delivered uninterrupted and high-quality transmission of a total of 4000 in-game minutes. High-quality transmission and uninterrupted WLAN connectivity was achieved while travelling at 230 km/h.
Nagarro has supported us tremendously during this project. It is easier to set up WLAN in a space shuttle than in a Railjet, since the former transports significantly less passengers and unlike the Railjet, it is connected to a land-side transmitting station.
Christoph Schmutz
CIO, ÖBB Personenverkehr AG

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Connecting Miles: Learn how we helped Austria’s leading transport service provider brought together soccer fans.
PDF - 3.52 MB