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09 - 11 May
Booth #S12, Austria Center, Vienna
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By Anurag Sahay, Dr. Venkat Padmanabhan
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success story

Securing the future of back-office with blockchain

Building a decentralized and smooth-running blockchain infrastructure to slash costs and boost productivity
the challenge

The client's infrastructure was a major roadblock to the smooth running of their operations. Manual and paper-based processes were causing friction and delays for illiquid securities. This led to higher settlement costs for these securities, which in turn made them less attractive to investors. The client needed a streamlined solution to simplify back-office operations, providing liquidity and transparency to the SME's shareholder base.

the solution

We built a scalable electronic trading platform that connects brokers, asset managers, custodians, and electronic exchanges. The platform used blockchain technology to mitigate challenges and took advantage of the decentralized and transparent network infrastructure to lower operational costs. We used industry-standard communication protocols such as FIX and SWIFT and integrated them with the Kubernetes cloud environment to ensure high system security and data access control levels. Our solution ultimately helped our clients be far more agile and provide frictionless trade to their customers.

the outcome

Investors can now connect directly with SMEs through the platform, which makes use of blockchain technology to offer an infrastructure that is decentralized, immutable, and secure in a simpler, faster and less expensive manner.

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Nagarro is a leader in deploying blockchain technology for financial services. We can build solutions that reduce costs and improve efficiency, transparency, and security. Our team of experts can help you get started today!