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Unlock the power of Salesforce platform

Roadmap for streamlining and enhancing the Salesforce platform across business divisions and geographies

A leading provider of security and access control solutions worldwide deploys multiple Salesforce Clouds (Sales, Service, Experience). They struggled with leveraging the power of the Salesforce platform effectively across business divisions, due to non-streamlined processes, non-cohesive systems, lack of data quality, and non-intuitive user experience. Their search for a partner to design and execute a Salesforce roadmap to streamline existing Salesforce platform and implement new modules as per business need ended with Nagarro.
Nagarro has been the perfect strategic partner helping them by conducting workshops and demos to map business use cases with Salesforce features, along with Salesforce roadmap creation to streamline the Salesforce platform across multiple divisions and geographies.
A few of our key outcomes as part of this strategic engagement are:
  • An efficient merger of Salesforce instances for better collaboration
  • Standardized CPQ processes across geographies for consistent and accurate quotes
  • Enhanced the existing Sales, Service and Experience Cloud for better user adoption and productivity
  • Created the partner collaboration platform for more sales opportunities
  • Provided managed services for efficient support and continuous enhancements


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"The effort from your team has been very commendable & has been very supportive and responsive to every request thrown at you. I appreciate the effort Nagarro Team has put into the current project even though our deadlines for this project have been challenging yet critical. Moreover, I also know you have been putting in a lot of extra time, above and beyond the call of duty, and this has truly helped to ensure that we meet our milestones in a timely fashion. I'm so happy to see your hard work resulting in such success! It would be really good to continue with what we have done so far and take it to the next level in the future phases."
Project Manager, Client



The challenge

  • The client frequently conducts acquisitions and was looking for a partner to seamlessly merge the Salesforce instances of acquired companies with their instance.
  • Sales and Service Cloud was not implemented as per best practices, and the right information was not engagingly displayed to users in communities.
  • Multiple ways of creating customer quotes across various divisions and geographies, which resulted in a lack of consistency, frequent errors, and a high turnaround time to generate quotes.
  • Manual processes for partner collaboration and data tracking in Excel files, leading to improper handling of sales opportunities, high support costs, and time-consuming verification processes.
Nagarro_Success Story_salesforce consultation, implementation, and support

Salesforce consulting, implementation and support

Nagarro started the engagement with one of the client divisions to analyze the current landscape and processes and created a roadmap to streamline and extend their current Salesforce implementation. Based on reliable deliveries and high customer satisfaction, we were referred to other business divisions as well.
We conducted consulting exercise with business divisions, gave Salesforce demos, and recommended how Salesforce could be best leveraged to meet the business needs. Currently, we work with multiple business divisions on streamlining the existing Salesforce ecosystem, consulting and implementing new modules, and providing managed services.
Nagarro_Success Story_salesforce consultation, implementation, and support

A unified solution for multiple needs

A few of our key projects include:
An efficient merger of Salesforce instances
Line 45
  • Strategy and stakeholder alignment
  • Unified business processes
  • Object model and data dictionary
  • Data rationalization & governance
  • Migration of process, features, and data
  • Business user validation
Standardized CPQ processes across geographies
Line 45
  • CPQ guided selling process
  • Product and pricing structure
  • Quotation documents standardization
  • Discounting and approval mechanism
  • Digital signatures
  • Multi-country rollout of the core product
Enhanced the existing Sales, Service, and Experience Cloud
Line 45
  • Sales and Experience Cloud migration from Classic to Lightning
  • User experience strategy
  • Service Cloud workshops & demos
  • Service Cloud with case automation, knowledge base, and surveys
Created the partner collaboration platform
Line 45
  • Partner data and onboarding process digitized
  • NDA signing, product details, documents, etc.
  • Knowledge base for internal team and partners
  • Latest integration data of partner products
  • Reports and dashboard with a 360-degree view
Managed support services
Line 45
  • L2 and L3 support services
  • Change request management
  • Serving business units in the European time zone
  • Sales, Service, CPQ, Pardot, and managed packages

Impact to business users



A streamlined quotation process enabled timely, accurate, and consistent quote generation. Enhanced adoption by the sales team due to a new intuitive user interface from Lightning Migration



Complete data digitalization and better client support resulted in increased sales opportunities via partners. The centralized digital platform enabled better collaboration and enhanced productivity between partners and client teams.



A smooth and seamless collaboration between the client and the acquired entities. Data-rich management reports and dashboards help track the performance of the business and make data-driven actionable decisions.