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Reimagining CPQ solution for
a seamless user experience

Improved project design & documentation efficiency and team productivity

A leading manufacturer of lighting products and lighting control systems depended on a contrasting set of standalone systems for their spec-bid-buy process. It required frequent manual interventions and overloaded collaborations, hampering their agility and curbing their potential to explore new opportunities to yield maximum returns. Nagarro came on board to help implement a unified software solution to streamline the spec-bid-buy sales process, from layout and design to development and integration. The CPQ solution helped integrate their project design capabilities and streamline team collaboration while enabling them to enhance the end-user experience.

Business Objective

  • Alleviate the dependency on multiple tools that were not integrated with each other and often had incompatible formats
  • Limit the repetitive manual interactions that increased the probability of errors
  • Build a seamless user experience for the form, function, and usability between programs required for the design and quotation of the project
  • Optimize the time consumed to develop complex wiring drawings/One-Line diagrams
  • Limit the high dependency on the tacit knowledge of selected experts to develop the project design, usually limited-to-no-checks on the data validation and accuracy.
Building a customer 360-degree view with Salesforce

The Solution

Nagarro helped the client develop a web-based software suite on a custom-built Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) platform. Alongside the platform, a graphical configurator tool was designed that can cater to a visual configuration experience for lighting control use cases.


A unified CPQ solution for multiple needs with the following features: 

An end-to-end seamless user experience throughout the project cycle of the Layout-BOM-Quote-Submittal-Commissioning.

A custom graphical configurator tool to provide a 2D graphical environment for end-users to configure a system layout intuitively.

The configurator tool is designed for multiple scenarios like take-offs or high volume/complex configuration, cable pricing, pricing & discounting, etc.
The tool can automatically generate technically accurate and aesthetically usable One-Line wiring diagrams along with legends that can be directly used in the field.
The configurator system supports multiple personas in the lighting/controls industry by providing contextual tools such as guided wizards, and real-time rule validations that ensure a productive user experience.
The tool supports CAD drawings in multiple formats including DWG, PDF and raster/vector images.

Impact to business

The solution helped our client adopt a fully integrated and seamless CPQ solution that delivers the right products, quotes, and contracts through a myriad of sales channels.

As a result, we saw:
25-30% improvement in project design and documentation efficiency
30-40% increase in overall quote turnaround time
Device compatibility assurance
Optimization of resources
Increased close-to-quote ratio