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An Oracle ERP-powered digital transformation 

Time-critical global rollout, sales process automation, and app integrations


The story

A global company that offers radio-frequency technology for security applications and access control solutions is constantly growing through mergers and acquisitions, adding complexity to its business processes. The company wanted to streamline its processes across multiple locations to achieve increased efficiency.

To achieve this objective, the client sought a partner to help onboard the acquired subsidiaries onto a uniform global platform. They also desired integrated solutions to seamlessly connect their applications, including Salesforce CRM, Oracle CPQ, and Oracle ERP platforms, and to automate their sales processes.

The client chose us as their global rollout partner, and we helped them onboard the subsidiaries on the Oracle platform and integrated their fragmented data.

The challenge 

Every country has its own regulations, making the global rollout a challenging task. The client wanted to standardize business operations across geographies, requiring each business unit to follow the organization's internal standards while complying with local regulations

The client's urgent quest was to consolidate their diverse systems and platforms from different legal entities into a One ERP Oracle platform that supports various modules and ERP applications. Amidst mergers and acquisitions, portfolio rationalization and business process harmonization become extremely critical for addressing regulatory requirements and ensuring data consistency.

The client also sought a comprehensive data governance structure that enables data synchronization from customer accounts, quote-to-order links, and pricing, creating a single source of truth.

Challenges faced by the customer

The Solution

Our engagement with the client extends beyond a single module or process. It is a multi-faceted collaboration that’s driving their digital transformation.

To help the client onboard newly acquired entities, we conceptualized and built comprehensive business solutions across key areas such as financials, supply chain management, manufacturing, and CPQ using the relevant Oracle modules.

After the acquisition of the entities, we ensured their seamless integration with the existing ERP & CRM systems. We built a customized solution integrating third-party manufacturing applications with client's existing Oracle ERP landscape.

We enabled this with a customizable Oracle solution that allows greater control over the existing system and integration of third-party applications and manufacturing applications with the Oracle ERP.

An automated order creation and generation process brought process efficiency in manufacturing and faster turnaround time.

We also automated the one-click opportunity-to-order solution by integrating the Salesforce quotes-to-price records and Oracle sales orders. Integrating business spend management applications with Oracle ensured a seamless flow of end-to-end financial processes.

To provide an enhanced user experience, we upgraded the existing CPQ system to the latest Oracle CPQ JET UI version. The upgrade facilitated a similar user experience on both Salesforce and CPQ systems, making it easier for users to navigate between applications.

Our team continues to support the customer in post-go-live activities and stabilization and implementing various Oracle modules for global rollouts in China, Malaysia, Italy, South Africa, the US, and Australia.

Global rollouts 


We prioritized seamless integration of the newly acquired entities to the Oracle ERP platform while aligning with global standard processes. We also assisted the acquired organizations in implementing these standardized procedures and developed custom solutions for each subsidiary's unique requirements driven by local business operations.

Data conversions


We developed scalable conversion templates and programs to accommodate acquired organizations' format and specific requirements, focusing on master data and master data migration of open transactions for Oracle ERP rollouts. The templates will also serve future acquisitions. The team made sure that the data conversion process aligns with unique organizational needs and structures and migrated large data volumes.

Robust production support and process enhancement


After the go-live, our team is engaged in end-to-end support services and guiding the business users. We ensure optimal utilization of the Oracle ERP platform and proactively identify opportunities for business process enhancement and automation for increased efficiency and productivity.

Opportunity-to-order via CRM and ERP integration


We built an automated one-click opportunity-to-order solution by integrating the salesforce opportunities with Oracle CPQ quotes. It included developing critical business validations and process controls to validate quote price expirations without modifying the order quantity depending on the quote type. Adhering to the best practices for master data management of customer accounts, pricing, and products drove data synchronization and real-time data visibility. 

Automating complex manufacturing workflows


The team automated complex manufacturing processes like sales order initiation and work order completion, involving various business validations and process checks. For instance, if the system doesn’t have the address of a new shipping site, it is smart enough to create a new order with the required details and process the order automatically. Automated email notifications on glitches and real-time shipment status ensured that manufacturing followed the required standards, guidelines, and regulations.

Standardizing Oracle CPQ processes across geographies


Nagarro worked extensively on stabilizing the existing CPQ system by eliminating old customizations and adopting standard features. Code optimization ensured a faster quote-to-order journey for users, and centralized master data sources helped streamlines the integration process. Automating the product approval hierarchy improved efficiency and reduced approval time. 

Application modernization by complex CEMLI (Configuration, Extensions, Modifications, Localizations, and Integrations) developments


To simplify and integrate multiple applications, we created an integration solution that uses middleware to establish a seamless connection and data flow between Oracle ERP and other ERP and CRM platforms. We ensured adherence to local regulations while maintaining data integrity and process rationalization.

The impact

Sales process automation facilitated real-time data reporting, ensuring high data visibility.

By automating these processes, the system was able to validate and verify data and actions performed at various stages, reducing the likelihood of errors and ensuring compliance with the organization's manufacturing protocols.

The automation of the product approval hierarchy resulted in an average improvement of 40% in the approval process time, leading to faster quote creation.

Integration of multiple applications into a single master data source, along with the adoption of standard out-of-the-box features, resulted in an average improvement of 25% in the system's overall efficiency. The use of a single master data source ensured data consistency and accuracy for efficient reporting.

growth icon


A 40% increase in sales productivity and reduction in manual task processing. 

UI icon


Improved UI performance enhanced the quote-to-order journey efficiency by 20-30% and accelerated opportunity turnaround time.

Process time icon


The automation of the product approval hierarchy resulted in an average improvement of 40% in the approval process time, leading to faster quote creation.