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success story

Increasing availability and scalability with AWS cloud

Improving response time by 12% for apps and up to 54% for APIs by shifting 26+ applications from on-prem to AWS cloud

the challenge
Most of the applications and all the databases of the client were set up on-premise. This led to common issues like time consuming deployments, infrastructure constraints, and resiliency & maintenance concerns. Also, with an increasing user base, scalability challenges and the increasing cost of supporting infrastructure needed to be addressed.
the solution
Nagarro and the client’s team worked together to migrate more than 26 applications from on-prem to AWS. Together, we identified the prerequisites and did a mural story mapping to determine the scope of migration for different applications. We upgraded the Oracle drivers in all the applications to make them compliant with AWS cloud and added tags for budget monitoring. We also carried out application upgrades and cloud modernization, which included upgrading to .NET 6 and Oracle driver. Our team constantly measured the application performance metrics against on-prem instances. 
the outcome
The applications are now highly available as well as scalable because of multiple Availability Zone (AZ) and multi-region deployment. The application response time has improved between 3% and 12% and API response time between 14% and 54%. For certain services, throughput has improved by 35%. By migrating the applications to AWS, we have also simplified maintenance & monitoring, strengthened security, and significantly reduced cost & latency.