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Creating a Web-3 powered data sharing platform

In collaboration with Acentrik, a Mercedes-Benz product.

In a data economy, it is crucial for organizations to unlock greater value from their data - including its secondary value - through the means of data sharing internally and externally. Yet, common data challenges, such as data and privacy issues, often prevent enterprises from achieving more.

To tackle this, Mercedes-Benz developed Acentrik, which promotes data sharing across organizations and industries. Acentrik deploys data exchange platforms for enterprises and government institutions, enabling them to extract value from data for greater business benefits. 

Nagarro’s partnership with Acentrik and evolution to Acentrik 3.0

As the demand for a robust and secure data-sharing platform strengthened, the team at Acentrik envisioned Acentrik 3.0, focusing on cutting-edge data security and privacy. They aimed to develop a Web3-powered solution for safe and compliant data exchange, simplify organization-wide transactions and collaboration, and deploy customizable data exchange platforms for enterprises.

Acentrik partnered with Nagarro, known for its blockchain and decentralized systems expertise. Together, they worked on a unique project integrating Web3 technology as an enabler of global data exchanges.  

Nagarro's flexible approach and creative problem-solving capabilities were significant to this collaboration, transforming challenges into opportunities. After initial discussions, our team quickly grasped the client’s strategic goals, imbibed their vision, and leveraged our thinking breakthroughs approach to co-create a comprehensive SaaS platform for data sharing.

Acentrik’s data sharing dream and the complexities involved 

One of Acentrik’s key objectives included enabling data sharing across organizations through enterprise-grade features with scalability to deploy worldwide. They also aimed to increase data sharing by developing data ecosystems tailored to the requirements of various organizations and industries. Lastly, Acentrik wanted to decentralize data transactions, create role-based governance, and enhance overall data efficiency for enterprises.

They envisioned using Web3-powered data sharing for better data accessibility and heightened security while providing a Web2-like experience to enterprises globally. This first-of-its-kind project involved Web3-based account abstraction, enabling seamless data exchange via Blockchain and streamlining data monetization.

The cutting-edge approach promised significantly higher efficiency but also demanded a novel and innovative approach. Moreover, transitioning from individual to organization-level interactions while ensuring security, scalability, and seamless integration with existing systems raised the complexity. Our consultants proactively upskilled themselves to meet the project demands and ensure seamless delivery.

A man working on a laptop looking at data

Co-creating a new SaaS approach with Acentrik

Nagarro and Acentrik leveraged a series of discovery workshops and consulting sessions to deep-dive into the strategic goals. Together, we created Version 3.0, which included a SaaS approach and enterprise-validated features.

By leveraging Web3 for data sharing, the platform offered two major benefits: a next-gen data analytics-powered foundation for AI learning and a privacy-preserving platform integrated into their data strategy. 




Scribble 7


tech dive



Empowering next-gen analytics as a foundation for AI learning

Privacy-preserving computation at the source extracts insights without exposing raw data.

Federated Compute enables data computation across multiple datasets and geographies.

Diverse datasets enhance AI learning, ensuring robust, accurate model development while preserving privacy.

Integrating data ecosystems into an organization’s data strategy

Account Abstraction encourages greater data exchange internally and externally. This provides a web2-like user experience while harnessing the benefits of Web3.

Key platform features include social logins and a smart account organization wallet for asset management, eliminate the need for individual web3 wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Flexible payment arrangements for data exchange incentivize data sharing through post-payment methods.

Users within an organization can now access and view all data purchases and sales, boosting transparency and efficiency. Furthermore, anyone using the platform and with the right permissions could carry out all data transactions from the company wallet, streamlining data transactions and enhancing control.

When faced with delays and security issues with third-party vendors, Nagarro adapted by developing necessary components internally.


Cutting-edge solution for secure data exchange

Acentrik’s service offering offers a white-label, end-to-end customizable data marketplace that powers data exchanges securely. With first-in-market features, Acentrik 3.0 makes data exchange platform setup seamless for organizations and provides a user-friendly interface, simplifying onboarding and customization.

It encourages the adoption and utilization of data exchange platforms for private and public organizations, driving data-sharing transparency and cost efficiency. Improved data privacy and ease of use are key to promoting data sharing within and across organizations.

By empowering organizations to build business models on top of their own platforms and implementing their data strategies effectively, Acentrik and Nagarro are helping foster the data economy and drive data-driven business solutions.  

a globe representing data
"Through our partnership with Nagarro, we're elevating our platform with cutting-edge technology, enhancing our data sharing and monetization capabilities via our state-of-the-art, privacy-preserving technologies. We're dedicated to evolving Acentrik into a leading platform for data sharing in the industry.”

Srikanth Kaja - General Manager, Centre of Excellence Web3 & Data Marketplace, Mercedes-Benz Singapore