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Driving on the excellence highway

Maruti Suzuki's DevOps journey with Nagarro
the challenge
Being a large enterprise, MSIL was grappling with numerous ongoing projects with multiple vendors, each with their own development, deployment, and DevOps practices. Some key critical issues included manual artifact creation on local developer environments, manual transfers to higher environments, and the absence of a standardized mechanism to ensure rigorous testing and verification before production deployment. The resulting challenges were causing code quality concerns, frequent production issues that should have been detected earlier, protracted deployment times, and downtime during production deployments.
the solution
Recognizing the transformative potential of Nagarro's DevOps implementation, MSIL opted to harness Nagarro's expertise to implement 'Enterprise DevOps' across the organization. Nagarro established an enterprise DevOps/CICD toolset on AWS with services such as EC2, VPC, ROUTE53, CloudWatch, SES, and RDS. By leveraging these AWS services, Nagarro was able to quickly configure a highly available and reliable setup. It included configurations for various environments, including web and mobile (Android/iOS), enabling onboarded projects to seamlessly perform crucial steps like build, testing, code quality checks, source composition analysis, and security testing. Comprehensive documentation on project onboarding, offboarding, and maintenance procedures empowers teams to manage day-to-day operations independently
the outcome
The implementation of these measures has significantly reduced production issues by ensuring that artifacts are rigorously tested. The adoption of a "Shift-Left" strategy, with additional testing steps at lower environments, has led to quick, battle-tested production deployments with near-zero downtime. The effort required from project DevOps teams has decreased by at least 50% due to the elimination of the need to set up separate tools for each project. The overall security posture of MSIL's applications has markedly improved, as security issues are identified and addressed during development in an agile manner.

key achievements

  • Drastic reduction in production issues.
  • At least a 50% reduction in effort for project DevOps teams.
  • Enhanced security posture with identified and resolved security issues during development.