Expanding the digital gaming horizons

Scaling-up integrations with a high-quality platform

Streamlining the digital growth

Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH is a leading provider of online and mobile games, based in Vienna. The company is a forerunner in offering safe and secure casino entertainment to players around the world. The Vienna-based company is also an operator, with its largest online casino serving more than a million active players each month. Part of the NOVOMATIC Group, one of the biggest international producers and operators of gaming technologies, Greentube also offers land-based casinos a digital gaming platform to allow them to rebrand to stay connected with their players.

As the new markets are becoming standardized, the online gaming industry is expanding rapidly. Expert regulatory and compliance solutions are required to enter into these markets. As Greentube started growing, the market reach of its games worldwide made it apparent that some support was needed. In 2015, Nagarro was chosen the partner to support Greentube in its endeavors to strengthen its digital gaming platform. “Integrations were easy at first but increasingly difficult to manage at scale," said Thomas Kolbabek, CTO of Greentube, he adds: “and it was hard to identify patterns initially, especially when integrating with other systems that have been in operation for some time.”

“Our biggest challenge wasn’t just implementing the increased number of B2B operator integrations,” said Thomas Kolbabek, CTO of Greentube, he adds: “We needed to improve all aspects of an integration, which include specifications, development, testing and operations, in parallel to executing our core R&D work, which focuses on exciting new game titles and the underlying platform features.”


Efficient integration from start to finish

During the ICE 2015, Greentube met Nagarro for the first time. Shortly after that, Greentube established a multidisciplinary team across both companies. The goal of this team was not merely to gather and clarify integration requirements but also to design, build, and test the intermediate adapters which take care of integration incompatibilities between Greentube and its operators.

Allocating a multidisciplinary team, especially for B2B integrations, has proven to be effective in the past. The B2B integrations are operator-specific to a great extent. Such integrations involve a range of technical configuration changes and releases that can happen with adequate knowledge and permissions throughout the RGS system.

Since August 2015, the Nagarro integration team has been building and testing intermediate adapters to enable third-party operators to integrate Greentube casino games on their desktop and mobile platforms. These adapters help in launching the games and process-associated communications like financial transactions or regular status messages.

The implementation strategy

Greentube’s games are integrated via the Novo Remote Gaming System (NRGS) – a platform which provides a framework for integrating the games library of Greentube. The NRGS design provides high user concurrencies, an easy, standardized way for wallet integration. All interfaces are needed to add a gaming platform to any web-based application regardless of its technology or design.

  • Before each operator integration, Greentube gathers the requirements and clarification with the operator to design and build a unique adapter fulfilling operator needs without any hassle.
  • Nagarro, as part of the integration team, extended the NRGS capabilities by creating an intermediate adapter in MVC Web API and JavaScript to take care of all integration incompatibilities between Greentube and its operators.
  • Nagarro has been instrumental in introducing several processes and checklists that helped improve the overall quality of implementations and enhance the overall customer satisfaction.
  • Adapter solutions are developed to be robust which makes troubleshooting and bug fixing easy.
  • Continuous testing over both staging and production environments help deliver quality products and facilitate good customer experiences together with Greentube.

Impact on business

Nagarro played a pivotal role in Greentube B2B integrations, by creating intermediate adapters for operators, along with understanding the compliance needs and restrictions. Nagarro came up with robust solutions to meet the integration requirements of Greentube.

  • Nagarro helped Greentube scale up the partner integration by creating a high-quality integration platform and services to integrate quality games for B2B partners.
  • During this partnership, many aspects of the integrations were improved, and new platform features were developed not only to provide easier and faster integrations but also to enhance the quality of such integrations with the B2B partners of Greentube.
  • The number of partner integrations per year could be increased by 30%.
  • Nagarro offered professionals aligned with Greentube’s culture and processes, enabling Greentube to grow with its customers.
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“It is amazing to see how our integration team at Greentube grew over the past 2 years to an international multidisciplinary team of experts with 12 different nationalities and we see our partnership with Nagarro as an essential part of that journey.”

Amir Gharani, Head of Games Integration, Greentube



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