Expanding API-enabled banking operations

To thrive, banks need a robust ecosystem of partners and an enabling technology landscape that partners can leverage. While gearing up for a digital-first future, banking services providers today are aggressively embracing API-enabled business transformation to stay competitive in a constantly evolving and increasingly challenging business environment.


Our client — a global technology division of a leading banking services provider in Africa — was looking for a partner to handle API Marketplace support and provide a solution to enable their strategic vision of expanding their operations to other regions of Africa. They operated with multiple applications and independent technology stacks that made the entire ecosystem expensive and challenging to maintain. As a strategic partner, Nagarro experts worked to identify issues and liaise with diverse teams to resolve issues, monitor tools & pods, improve operational efficiency, and automate and optimize monitoring with tools like Kibana and Dynatrace.

The Objective

  • Improving management for growing API Marketplace
  • Implementing effective support processes and creating greater data visibility
  • Creating a roadmap for the future operational and support capability  aligned to the strategic roadmap for expansion and scale
  • Boosting operational efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership to propel geographical expansion
Objective_Why should banks embrace API-enabled operations

The Solution

As part of the solution, we helped to:
  • increase efficient operational support and collaboration with different backends systems to streamline processes, improving system performance.
  • proactively collate critical insights of the various system and processes, automating business processes and third-party onboarding.
  • automate business flows for the ease of error detection, improving system stability.
  • address roadblocks, recommend solutions, and implementing them to streamline operations.
  • identify and select the best-suited predictive tools that played a key role in the entire expansion process.
  • define a target state for the operational and support capability which will drive proactive processes
Nagarro’s API Management experts help build smart digital solutions for business transformation

Our partnership continues to grow!

We continue to help boost the stability of their API Marketplace. An outstanding partnership that resulted in several feats for the client:
  • Awarded as leading API Marketplace in Africa
  • 100 million quarterly volume was processed seamlessly
  • 99.58% uptime for API Marketplace maintained consistently
  • 10 to 15% QoQ growth of TPPs
Boost the stability of banking API Marketplace.