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Elevating employee productivity and experience with Ginger AI UKG Pro

Built a real-time conversational chatbot leveraging low-code technology

Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) is a global leader in human capital management (HCM) and workforce management solutions. Their vision is to empower organizations through an advanced workforce management solution that optimizes workforce efficiency, manages employee schedules, and streamlines time and attendance processes.

UKG wanted to provide its employees, and those of its clients, with an enterprise platform that would serve as a one-stop shop for all their needs.  Based on our decade-long partnership and experience in creating seamless employee experiences, they chose Nagarro to develop this solution.

UKG and Nagarro created Ginger UKG Pro WFM on Teams, also known as Ginger AI Lite add-on, using cutting-edge low-code technology.  This is a lightweight version of our Ginger AI platform that helps you increase employee efficiency, improve the employee experience, and increase your overall productivity by empowering your employees to make data-driven decisions.

Ginger AI Lite provides a unified platform that seamlessly integrates UKG Workforce Management Pro into the MS Teams environment, enabling unprecedented control over leave management, time tracking, schedule viewing, and even shift changes. This increases productivity and empowers users to achieve more with ease and precision.

The challenge

UKG wanted to build a solution for employees juggling multiple tasks. They often struggled with accessibility and navigating between various applications for time tracking, leave management, and viewing appointments. Multitasking could disrupt their workflow and lead to inefficiencies. Additionally, these field workers needed to communicate with the backend and support teams to schedule and shift changes. 

The challenge


The solution

Nagarro and UKG created Ginger-UKG Pro WFM on Teams, a dynamic real-time conversational tool that empowers frontline workers. 

Integrated flawlessly with MS Teams, this extension eliminates the need to toggle between applications, allowing staff to stay in their familiar environment. We created the add-on using Microsoft Low Code technology Power Virtual Agent.

As Ginger AI Lite integrates seamlessly with UKG WFM Pro, you can effortlessly submit and view time-off requests, clock in/out with a single click, and more—all from a unified interface.  

To understand the challenges, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the current phases as the first step. Then, a consulting phase was carried out to design and specify the high-level requirements for this addon. We selected Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and Bot framework composer to build a conversational chatbot that integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft environment and supports adaptive dialogue.


The solution

The outcome

Ginger-UKG Pro WFM on Teams is a secure application that requires no data storage and enables easy and quick deployment within 15 minutes. It ensures higher productivity, efficiency, and a healthy work-life balance. It enables seamless management of time-off and leave balances through one-click-time-off requests, transparent leave tracking, and instant leave balance checks. It enables organizations to track their employees' working hours with the highest accuracy and promotes transparency. Additionally, Ginger-UKG Pro WFM improves employees’ quality of the workers through simpler and more efficient processes.

The outcome
Nagarro’s new Ginger Chatbot connects with UKG Pro Workforce Management™ to give front line workers and managers an easy, friendly way to accomplish common tasks like punching in and out, looking at your schedule, requesting time off, and more. This chatbot is so convenient, and it’s available now. Try it out! Your workforce will love it.”
Bert Porter
Principal Software Engineer, UKG