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success story

Digital engagement to drive electromobility adoption

A unique rewards program that encourages PHEV customers to choose electric mobility

The automaker observed a muted uptake of electric driving amongst PHEV customers. Such a trend would deter its efforts to contain vehicular CO2 emissions. Their goal was to bridge the gap between the number of PHEVs on the road and their contribution towards reduced carbon emissions.


Nagarro co-created a digital solution that incentivizes PHEV customers to drive electrically by offering them a perceptive monetary benefit. The solution comprises of a green wallet and integrates with several enterprise systems related to vehicle tracking and status, mobility, on-demand services and accounting systems to offer unique ways to earn and redeem points.


The mobile solution promises to inspire over half a million PHEV customers across the EU to charge their vehicles regularly. It strengthens the automaker’s positioning as a pioneer in electric mobility and accelerates its journey towards achieving EU’s sustainability targets for the automotive industry.