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success story

Creating business resilience with data analytics and visualization

Easy access to data and business insights with a self-service cloud-based business intelligence platform
Our client’s Excel based reporting system was time-consuming, error-prone, and manual. This system could not support the client’s requirement for a standardized platform that enables users to swiftly create multiple dashboards for visualizing operational data, business data, and monitoring data governance.The business managers faced challenges while tracking, managing, and taking key decisions on sales, inventory management, procurement, asset management, maintenance activities, and more. The current system impeded the client’s efforts to ensure data transparency and accessibility. The current system also created data consistency issues and non-standardized reporting processes across business entities and functions.
Our solution unifies data from multiple sources whether on-premises or on-cloud, by building a cloud-based data lake. The solution leverages Azure PaaS and IaaS to enable self-service business intelligence with role-based access for business users that allows them to benefit from the data lake and generate custom dashboards and reports. The platform is able to handle big data and provides visualization capability on large volumes of historical data. The solution supports the client across the value chain by providing effective visualizations and dashboards for inventory planning, order and invoice tracking, demand forecasting, contract management, tracking and optimizing procure to pay lifecycle, tracking asset performance, and more. Our solution also implements Azure DevOps, which provides development & collaboration tools including high-performance pipelines, free private Git repositories, configurable Scrumboards, and extensive automated and continuous testing capabilities.
business outcome
The solution provides self-service business intelligence with reliable, secure, and sanitized data. This led to new insights that helped the client to make more informed decisions across different work functions and business units. It provides a rich end-user experience by supporting intuitive visualizations through dashboards. The solution helps the managers to perform several work functions more effectively. For example, it helps warehouse managers to maintain optimum inventory levels across warehouses. The solution also provides a full view of maintenance activities to facilitate effective service plans. Similarly, it helps plant operators to ensure optimum resource utilization and enhance asset performance. The usage of Azure DevOps services led to reduced manual effort and time taken for deploying a code into multiple environments. It also reduced errors during code migration between environments due to centralized source control.