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success story

Creating actionable customer insights with Big Data

Building a 360-degree customer view to achieve advanced customer segmentation for campaign planning and optimization.
The key challenge was to use the huge amounts of customer data to optimize marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness.
Nagarro worked on an advanced analytics solution based on big data that included creation of a single database for a “360-degree” view of each customer along with appropriate customer segmentation.
We helped reduce marketing cost, optimize marketing campaigns with relevant themes, personalize customer engagement, reduce churn and increase brand loyalty.
We are now on track to be talking to our customers the way they want to be talked to in order to improve engagement and develop a close affinity by implementing a 360-degree customer view. As a result, we are optimizing our marketing budget to ensure that we are converting as many of our marketing dollars into “good” revenue. Thanks to Nagarro we have taken off and are on an exciting journey that begins with the customer, ends with the customer and where the sky is our only limit.
Julieta Hernández
VP Marketing

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Nagarro helped align the disparate customer data to enable consistent intelligence using a 360-degree view of each customer.
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