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Co-creating a safer world with confidential HIV testing

An intuitive application to ensure anonymous HIV testing and specialized medical guidance to patients
Preserving patient confidentiality was critical, leading to an intelligent and intuitive solution for the users. The solution needed to ensure that no personal data was disclosed. The user registered anonymously into the system without being asked to reveal any personal data and could still receive test results and the physicians' medical guidance in case of a positive test result. We conducted an intensive analysis of the complete UX/UI process based on interviews with stakeholders, including healthcare specialists, legal consultants, lab technicians, physicians, HIV patients, we compiled a comprehensive list of needed features. 
After careful deliberation, we developed a mobile and web application on the Azure platform (backend infrastructure). A user can register on the app, receiving a unique code known only to them. The unique code being the only information shared and the test results with other parties (lab technicians and physicians) but ensured patient anonymity. For direct but confidential interaction, we developed an isolated system for audio communication leveraging technologies like WebRTC and TURN/STUN servers to tunnel the encrypted audio stream between the mobile application and the physician's desktop.
The initial request from the client was to develop a POC (proof of concept) due to a limited budget. However, Nagarro believed in the potential of the idea and decided to co-invest in the solution. As a result, we managed to develop a close to a production-ready product. This collaboration enabled the client to conduct trials with actual patients and capture helpful feedback for future improvements.