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Building a
customer view

Creating the Digital Freight Marketplace and ensuring seamless connection with landscape system to build a customer 360-degree view

Our client is a leading logistics service provider looking to transform into a customer-first digital company. Despite being one of the most diversified and top players in the market, their systems ran on legacy technology. Disconnected systems, manually intensive processes, and fragmented information led to unwanted complexity and lack of efficiency in the overall business management and expansion. It became a bottleneck to meet the growing customer expectations and ensure a seamless customer experience. There was an urgent need for an end-to-end digital logistics solution.
Nagarro was onboarded as a technology partner to build a customer-centric Digital Freight Marketplace that leverages technology and process innovation to provide high-velocity, end-to-end solutions – from planning to booking to tracking. This comprehensive, progressive transformation effort will enable the client to create a 360-degree customer view by seamlessly connecting with various landscape applications and has brought significant change in both commercial and operational processes.
Our strategic alignment with the client continues our endeavors in enabling them through:
  • A digital freight marketplace that can significantly reduce shipment booking time
  • Sales lifecycle digitalization to enhance deal closure rate and sales rep productivity
  • Enhanced customer engagement by leveraging new-age digital service channels
  • A customer self-service BOT (using Einstein AI ), Einstein analytics for maximizing container lifecycle, Salesforce Voice to convert client conversations into transcripts to draw intelligence.
  • Streamlined integrations across multiple systems using MuleSoft while supporting EDI, XML, JSON
  • Continuous end-to-end managed support services and platform enhancements


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"The Nagarro Salesforce team is customer-focused, very hard-working, and, more importantly, not afraid to discuss best practices and challenge us. Our logistics portal is breaking new grounds, and that would not have been impossible without these guys going above and beyond."
Client Product Manager



The challenge

Dependent on legacy and non-coherent systems with manually intensive processes, the following are some of the key pain areas the client faced:
  • Cumbersome and time-consuming shipment booking process
  • No single integrated digital platform to view quotes, make bookings, submit documents, make payments, check invoices, and track shipments
  • Overwhelming amount of shipment booking requests for the operations team, managing documents manually and accessing multiple systems to create bookings
  • Limited customer service with traditional channels like phone and email
  • Lack of a customer self-service platform challenged the service team with numerous trivial customer queries
  • Duplication caused by multiple email boxes for customers to create complaints
  • Lack of a mobile app for the sales team to update tasks on the go
  • Lack of a consolidated view of all specifics and hierarchies at the account level
Building a customer 360-degree view with Salesforce

A 360-degree customer view for actionable decision-making

Nagarro started a Salesforce consulting workshop with 40+ client stakeholders to provide the best practices, process flows, and sales, service, and marketing demos. Subsequently, we collaborated with the client to define their digital roadmap to implement various Salesforce modules (including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Einstein AI & Analytics).
By leveraging MuleSoft to connect with multiple landscape systems, we are creating a cohesive customer 360-view (account details, hierarchy, active bookings, past bookings, quotations, documents, cases, and more) that aid in insight-driven and actionable decision-making.
Building a customer 360-degree view with Salesforce

A unified solution for multiple needs

A few of our key projects include:
Digital Freight Marketplace (Experience Cloud)
Line 45
  • Routes identification and quote generation
  • Bookings and documents management
  • Shipment tracking and case management
  • Self-service chatbots
Digitalizing sales lifecycle
(Sales Cloud)

Line 45
  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Account and contact management
  • Contract lifecycle and DocuSign
  • Salesforce Inbox for Outlook connection
  • Sales dashboards and forecasting
  • Mobile app experience
New-age digital channels (Service Cloud)
Line 45
  • Live Agent and Chatbot for digital customer engagement
  • Service console for a 360-degree view
  • Amazon Connect CTI to receive cases via calls
  • Case assignment and SLA-driven management
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Customer feedback surveys 
Enterprise integration streamlined  (MuleSoft)
Line 45
  • Business integration processes aligned
  • MuleSoft Cloud-hub based architecture
  • Extensible, flexible, and secure solution
  • Salesforce Integration with Oracle, IoT/legacy systems and global logistics systems.
  • Supporting EDI, XML, JSON
Managed support

Line 45
  • L1, L2, and L3 support services
  • Client divisions servicing in the US (EST) time zones
  • Sales, Service, Experience, MuleSoft, etc.
  • Organizational health checks, user manual/handbook creation

Impact to business users


Service agent

  • Service agent productivity improved with service console, fewer mailboxes, and a well-managed knowledge base
  • Turnaround time for ticket resolution is reduced by enabling better team collaboration, duplicate case management, and entitlement management


Sales representative

  • Deals conversion time and closure rate improved with sales pipeline visibility, opportunity split, and sales initiatives
  • Sales rep productivity enhanced through a customer 360-degree view with accurate and non-redundant data, along with a Salesforce Inbox



  • Significant reduction in shipment booking time and real-time tracking by a single platform with digitalized processes and connected systems
  • Customer engagement enhanced with digital channels (Live Agent, Chatbot)


Operations personnel

  • Reduction in operations costs due to a single platform for managing bookings, customer self-service, and streamlined integrations with landscape systems
  • Decreased communication iteration between customers and operations teams, optimized freight movement and real-time information to the management team