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09 - 11 May
Booth #S12, Austria Center, Vienna
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By Anurag Sahay, Dr. Venkat Padmanabhan
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success story

Automating financial
data processing

An ML-based solution for smart data capture and validation.
The client received a deluge of documentation every month from its partners containing various products and attributes. They depended on a manual data mining process that was tedious and cumbersome. A high potential for errors while capturing data could impact the overall analysis and subsequent workflows. The client wanted a solution using AI to extract all the information of interest automatically.
Nagarro developed an ML-based solution to capture data from various documents. The data was captured from several complex tables, images, and free text. Once extracted, the solution would present this information through intelligent UX to a human agent for verification and validation. This solution was integrated with the present ecosystem and worked cohesively across its several IT platforms and interfaces.
The solution reduces the average handling time (AHT) of document processing and error rate while extracting relevant information. The client witnessed an immediate increase in productivity and reduced manual costs. It also led to faster turnaround time and improvement in real-time visibility.