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success story

ATL 311 AI Chatbot Assistant

Helping the City of Atlanta provide prompt citizen support through an AI-enabled chatbot in ATL 311 non-emergency services.
the challenge
To improve the accessibility and responsiveness of government services, the City of Atlanta introduced an artificial intelligence chatbot to its ATL311 website and call system.
the solution
Nagarro was entrusted with the responsibility of testing the chatbot's usability, user acceptance, and integration. Our comprehensive testing approach focused on evaluating the chatbot's functionality, speed, responsiveness, stability, scalability, and user experience, ensuring they met the highest standards. We prioritized a simple and intuitive user interface (UI) that allows citizens to navigate effortlessly. In addition, rigorous workload testing guaranteed that Atlanta residents' queries would be addressed promptly under all circumstances. The AI-enabled chatbot within ATL311 allows users to open new requests and check the status of existing requests across multiple categories, eliminating the need for direct interaction with an agent.
the outcome
This has led to a significant reduction in call volumes, shorter waiting times and faster processing of initial inquiries. At the same time, it ensures that Atlanta residents and visitors can conveniently obtain information and make requests within minutes.