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Audi’s digital transformation with API management

With its Connected Retail program, Audi has charted its course for the future and set in motion the biggest transformation story. Audi endeavored to transform its physical and non-connected processes into a single connected eco-system with a clear focus on data. To attain their vision of a connected retail experience, Audi built the Service Platform Retail (SPR) platform, an AWS Cloud-based solution that enables worldwide and instantaneous availability of relevant services. Audi onboarded Nagarro as a technology partner to build a secured APIM layer that renders B2B, B2C, and B2D services to power their transformation.

The Challenge

Audi wanted a personalized, and a unified digital ecosystem capable of tapping into new business models and revenue opportunities, and mobility offerings beyond just the vehicle. Audi's diverse retail landscape, on the other hand, made digitalizing the customer journey technically difficult and expensive. Data regulation required the consolidation of customer consent and data.

Audi required a global, data-driven, highly secure enterprise architecture as well as a scalable platform to integrate its distributed sales and after-sales processes into a connected digital ecosystem capable of providing customer-specific product offerings. Audi was looking for a partner to conceptualize and implement API gateway services in a large and new multi-vendor program with secured API communication as one of the main business targets.

Accelerating Audi's digital transformation with API management

The Solution

Nagarro used the thinking breakthroughs framework to conceptualize and implement an API gateway solution capable of delivering a range of services to customers and dealers.

We designed an OpenAPI-based standardized, secure, and robust solution that supports the deployment of services with an API-first approach. The project implementation included:

  • AWS Cloud integration strategy and security architecture in a micro-service environment.
  •  Central APIM layer for securing platform services.
  • Automated service registration (ASR) for smooth onboarding of service teams on the APIM platform.
  • An API portal for managing APIs and developers.
Accelerating Audi's digital transformation with API management

To simplify access while reducing security risks, we implemented a single integration point for employees, importers, dealers, and end-users, in conjunction with a highly secure authorization mechanism via identity providers (IDPs) to limit service access to only authorized users.

We developed an end-to-end Authorization Server solution and an industry-standard cloud integration strategy and security architecture in a microservice environment based on authorization and authentication protocols such as OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect (OIDC). The architecture ensured that the infrastructure was built for high availability and supports client self-registration, allowing fast service onboarding and central monitoring, logging, and auditing. We provided continuous optimization of the service to improve provisioning using an auto-scaling and caching mechanism for securing the services as needed.

Accelerating Audi's digital transformation with API management

The Outcome

Our API-based tech solution assisted Audi in delivering an elevated customer experience and laying the groundwork for the next generation of personalized retail solutions in car buying, servicing, accident management, warranty claims, upgrade requests, and improved workforce output.

The highly secure infrastructure contributed to the customer's confidence in the brand. The platform provides secure access to several hundred self-registered services, thereby reducing the cost of operating an API, promoting API reuse, and accelerating time to market.

We created a self-contained, cloud-agnostic authorization service that is simple to use even in the event of a failure. Our cross-domain authorization service is future-proof, highly scalable, and can be set up in minutes.

Accelerating Audi's digital transformation with API management