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Aren't you tired of generic, one-size-fits-all training programs that fail to address your team's specific needs? At Nagarro, we understand the challenges that different organizations face in today's rapidly evolving landscape. That's why, we offer tailored agile trainings designed to make a real impact.

ICAgile enables your organization to achieve high-quality, impactful learning by emphasizing agility beyond frameworks and roles, focusing on the mindset and skills needed to drive organizational change. Let's embark on this journey together!

ICAgile Learning Programs

With ICAgile’s help, you can bring globally-recognized, high-quality learning programs to your entire organization. If the certified trainings do not fit your needs, we offer tailored inhouse trainings – on site as well as virtual, depends on where you are based on the globe.
Organizational Value Delivery
Leading Change
Engineering & DevOps

ICP-Agile-TrainingAgile Fundamentals

Learn foundational agile topics from a methodology-neutral, mindset-based approach with hands-on experience. Agile Fundamentals is the starting point for professionals focused on software development and delivery.

>> A seat in a public training course can be booked directly via our partner Software Quality Lab Academy, click here for dates & details.

Organization-enablement-value-delivery-ICAgile-training-logoProduct Management Masterclass

Develop the product discovery and strategy skills to understand customers better and deliver winning products that align with your organization’s purpose. Also learn facilitation, prioritization and adaptive planning skills. This masterclass will award both the ICP-APO and ICP-PDM certifications.



ICAgile-Trainings-Logo-3Agile Project and Delivery Management

Learn lean and agile project management skills to deliver products by applying different delivery modes and optimizing the value created through value-streams.

>> A seat in a public training course can be booked directly via our partner Software Quality Lab Academy, click here for dates & details.


Leading with Agility

Develop an adaptive and agile leadership style. Effective leadership requires leading yourself first. We look at the sum of your experiences to help you find the best way to lead. This course is taught from three perspectives: Leading within, leading others, and leading together.


ICAgile_ICP-ATFEpic Facilitation

Learn the art of facilitation to foster collaboration and enable self-organizing teams in this highly interactive workshop. Acting as a skilled and effective facilitator is a great step forward in building high performing Agile teams.


ICAgile_ICP-ACCCoaching with Agility

Build the key skills needed to lead and effectively facilitate, coach, mentor, and teach agile teams. The highly experiential class, taught using 'Back of the Room' techniques, provides a highly interactive environment that hones essential coaching skills like self-awareness, coaching stance, mentoring, facilitation, active listening, powerful questioning and coaching for action.


These three trainings are co-hosted by Balanced Agility.

ICAgile-Agile-Engg-Logo1Agile Programming

Embrace the agile mindset as it relates to software engineering. Write high-quality code with techniques like pair-programming, refactoring, unit tests, and TDD (Test-driven Development). Participants walk away with how to move away from traditional waterfall development and into developer collaboration techniques.


>> A seat in a public training course can be booked directly via our partner Software Quality Lab Academy: Dates & details for C#  |  Dates & details for Java.



ICAgile-Agile-Engg-Logo2Foundations of DevOps

Discover the agile approach to DevOps. Learn to deploy software continuously to production and understand the fundamentals of the CI/CD pipeline.



ICAgile-Agile-Engg-Logo3Implementing DevOps

Plan DevOps value streams. This course is the next step for learnings to gain hands-on experience implementing end-to-end deployment automation, identifying bottlenecks, and optimizing reliable pipelines.

As part of a tailor-made curriculum around Business Agility, the Nagarro trainers provided us with methodological knowledge as well as plenty of practical experience through exciting group exercises and entertaining learning units. We especially liked the interactive design and the fact that there was plenty of fun. All in all, a valuable experience for our team and an important step in realizing our vision. 

The ICAgile training from Nagarro was a great mix of knowledge transfer and practical exercises, the trainers were competent and there was also a lot of fun. My most entertaining online training so far and at the same time very useful for our team. 

Nagarro is our partner of choice not only for single trainings but for a full curriculum of virtual and physical classroom trainings. The satisfaction score is extremely high – all our employees upskilled by Nagarro are more effective at their jobs. 

Our high-impact learning offers can take you or your team to the next level of engagement and productivity.

Let’s start your learning journey! Reach out to us and we build a customized learning plan for you and/or your entire team. Submit the form below and we’ll promptly reach out to to coordinate a virtual call to discuss your needs. 



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Unleash the power of Agile with ICAgileTM and Nagarro