As an ISV, you need to keep adding features and modules to your products, and also keep your products in sync with technology trends. This is easier with Nagarro. For more than 15 years, Nagarro has provided ISVs around the world with the resource elasticity they need – from the earliest stages of product conceptualization and design, through development and testing, and maintenance and support.

Whether you’re supplementing an existing product portfolio or working on entirely new innovations, we work seamlessly with in-house teams to deliver.

  • True agility: fast iterations, adaptive engagement models, expert knowledge of agile methods and tools, and accurate alignment of requirements/use cases and deliverables
  • Transparent communication and collaboration: our team is an extension of your team
  • Complete quality assurance: knowledge management, code reviews, automated builds and testing, security compliance, CMMI5 and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications
  • Dedicated groups: for new technologies, specialized architectures, best practices, and training
  • Stable, proven world-class talent: with a #1 HR ranking in our offshore centres, we select each candidate from several hundred, provide continuous training, and enjoy an unusually low attrition rate of 8-12%

With Nagarro’s help, you can effectively meet time-to-market demands – on time and on budget – and still deliver software quality that is second to none. You also get the peace of mind that comes with predictable, repeatable results.

Our offerings in this industry include:

Product development
From concept to design to development, we bring expertise across the value chain and provide resource elasticity, and ensure a truly agile and responsive development process.
Innovation Labs
Our Innovation Labs stimulate and collect ideas, combine them, identify worthy investments, quickly build proof of concepts, run controlled trials, and vet the results scientifically, providing you with meaningful and actionable insights.
Rapid prototyping
Prototyping is an effective way to explore new concepts with customers and executives and to make the case for investment in new product features. With shorter software release cycles and growing emphasis on user experience, prototyping is more important than ever. Nagarro has dedicated UX, graphics and technical teams to create rapid proofs-of-concept when required.
User experience design and usability consulting
Our UX consultants understand the intricate form-function dynamics in today’s mobile-first world, and help you design software that engages and delights.
Independent Validation and Testing
Our proprietary PROVEN™ testing methodology uses automation frameworks and innovative solutions to guarantee superior software quality. Our clients commonly hire us to help with:
  • Risk management including defect prevention, requirements prioritization, validation and documentation, and early defect detection
  • Test consulting including test strategy, test process standardization, CQE assessments, and test lab or center of excellence setup
  • Functional testing including unit, system, integration, user acceptance, and parallel tests
  • Non-functional testing spanning performance, localization, compatibility, usability, security, and regression tests
  • Compliance testing including FDA, HIPAA, PCI and SOX
  • Automation of functional and performance tests
  • Specialized testing such as cloud readiness, device-based, mobile, embedded, and package-based testing for ERP suites including SAP and Oracle
“No touch” training
To enable quick on-boarding of new engineers into a product development team, Nagarro develops an out-of-the-box, "no touch" training package for each product it works on (i.e., one that requires no intervention from a human trainer). This training package encompasses the business context, the functionality, the technical design, the lifecycle approach, the QA processes, and various other aspects specific to that product, and is a valuable asset in itself.