Mobile app development services

Mobile devices have redefined the way people connect, socialize, and work. Their tremendous growth in numbers and almost universal presence makes it imperative for businesses to leverage this exciting era and come up with innovative solutions.

Mobile users are very demanding today. They expect higher level of intelligence in their apps through personalization, context-based input mediums, and integration with existing systems. Although businesses are employing the latest technologies to provide users the best mobility services possible, they are also displaying extreme caution in securing their enterprise data on mobile devices.

At Nagarro, we not only enable our customers with innovative and secure mobile apps, but also provide them with a holistic game plan to utilize different mobile devices as a medium of deep penetration, real-time content creation, and meaningful decision making. We help businesses soar by designing the footprints of data and then combining that data with seamless experiences for users within and beyond an enterprise.

Our offerings in this industry include:

  • Mobile strategy consulting: We help customers redefine their mobility solutions for customer acquisition, retention, and expansion. Our mobile strategy involves a three-step process—gap analysis, strategy creation, and rollout.
  • Enterprise mobility consulting: We identify the current business needs and help customers select the right Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution. Our experts make devices more secure, facilitating a safer data and enterprise network.
Experience Design

Mobile experience design has to address several challenges in mobile devices such as small screen, use of gestures, frequent context switch, and the need to capitalize on user engagement. Our experienced designers understand the business case, chalk out wireframes, and finally bring life to designs that seamlessly blend in the user’s lifestyle and daily work pattern.

Delivery Services

Our full-stack engineers bring in great agility to deliver high quality mobile apps. We employ rapid prototyping and iterative development to push highly scalable and reliable solutions.

Analytics & Product Improvement
  • Defining metrics: Apart from testing their functional completeness, mobile products have to be measured through metrics for gauging their success rate. Our metrics framework addresses each individual product and focuses on the value mobile apps provide to the end users.
  • Analysis & continuous recommendations: Our solution experts and engineers employ simple tools to derive metrics. We also analyze reports based on these metrics continuously, and make periodic recommendations to the product management teams.
Specialized Mobile App Testing
  • Security & penetration testing: Our comprehensive security approach includes profiling the threats based on the top 10 OWASP guidelines, dynamic application security testing, static application security testing, forensic analysis, and risk analysis and reporting.
  • Performance testing: Our expertise lies in specialized performance testing in areas such as dynamic application performance testing, memory profiling, and code reviews for optimization.