A successful business needs a constant flow of innovative ideas, products and services. Innovation is no longer limited to simply “thinking-outside-the-box” and hoping for effective results. Since most business systems are designed to be risk averse, they are seldom considered breakthrough innovators and adopters of innovation.

Creating breakthroughs needs creation of an innovation driven culture and a creative environment where people can collaborate with limitless possibilities. At the same time, innovation without a proper structure or framework can also be an overwhelming experience that can often lead to a waste of time and resources.

For innovation to be impactful, it needs to be more than just a series of occasional incremental changes. It must relate to the ongoing and gradual evolution that occurs at various levels in an organization. At Nagarro, we help you bridge the gap between ideation and execution. Our Innovation Toolkit can guide you with a series of structured steps to deliver breakthroughs and produce quick results.

Our offerings in this area include:


Innovation strategies can be across three dimensions - products & services, process and business model. A good strategy considers all the constraints and successfully meets the three most important criteria – feasibility, viability, desirability. With our innovation focused methodology, we can help create an innovation strategy that is sustainable and business focused. We have seen that innovation happens in different flavors ranging from incremental to 10x, 100x and then disruptive. Continuous innovation happens by mixing these different flavors of innovation and thus creating value for the customers.


Most great breakthroughs are more about inspired collaborations than about lone wolf genius. We understand that the innovation game is a team sport. In our journey, we collaborate with our customers, their customers and people from multiple skills and domains. This forms the team that co-creates innovative solutions. To kick-start a breakthrough, all we need is to frame a meaningful question or a problem. We invite the right people and facilitate the process to come up with breakthroughs for our customers.


A successful innovation framework is by design an exploratory process that always leads to multiple possibilities and sometimes unexpected discoveries along the way. We encourage exploring all possibilities and seeing where they lead. This is where our Innovation Toolkit, five-step iterative process, produces rich ideas in an interesting workshop setup.


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We believe innovation happens incrementally. When done deliberately, it drives organizations forward one idea, change and project at a time. Sustainable innovation occurs across all levels and all functions in an organization and is set up for long-term success.


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We help our clients identify opportunities and find breakthrough ideas to achieve their current and future vision. Our workshops help clients align new technologies like IoT, AR, VR, Blockchain to their business processes. We work with our clients to identify the right teams and use our Innovation Toolkit to create user-centric breakthroughs.


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