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Digital Expertise for the Food Industry

Momentum in the food industry: Efficient transformation through innovative technologies

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The food industry is defined by constant change and ongoing evolution like no other. Also, the challenges faced by the food industry are many and varied. As with all other industries, the food industry is also moving into a digital era.
With powerful and innovative solutions, we support the food industry when it comes to digitalizing and transforming processes – with a focus on boosting competitiveness.

Challenges are no longer obstacles, but great opportunities!

The ever more demanding global and local challenges not only require huge effort on the part of all involved, but also the use of cutting-edge technologies to optimize processes at all levels. We will help you implement these technologies and overcome the hurdles.

Harnessing potential


We want to identify and realize new capabilities for the food industry. Because this is what digitalization is all about, implementing the latest technologies and bringing innovation to the table. 

Integration and connection


It’s no longer just about connecting individual machines. The aim is to harness information from breeders and farmers in order to optimize production and supply chains. The goal you become a truly connected enterprise.

Farm-to-fork strategy


More and more solution platforms using state-of-the-art technologies, such as blockchain, are gaining a foothold in order to enable maximum transparency. We have considerable experience when it comes to preparing and providing product origin information for the various consumer portals, for example ftrace.

CO2 reduction


Sustainable trading is not only required by consumers, but also by international environmental treaties. SAP now offers options for analyzing the carbon footprint of individual products and thus initiating decarbonization measures – to act sustainably, reduce CO2 emissions, and leverage potential savings.

Fit4Food: Our SAP S/4HANA Accelerator

Fit4Food is a preconfigured SAP S/4HANA package for the food, beverage and tobacco industry. It provides SAP S/4HANA system, including comprehensive process documentation all the way to training and testing documents.

Group 18

Industry template

Fit4Food is our Nagarro best practice solution for the food industry. In addition to a fully functional SAP S/4HANA system, we also offer comprehensive documentation. Let us show you how digital innovations can add value to your company.

Group 52

Hybrid system landscape

We will show you how artificial intelligence can help you identify promising applications within your R&D pipeline and optimize your production planning with real-life examples that our clients are already using. Let us show you how digital innovations can add value to your company.

Group 59

On time and budget

This is not a slogan, but our claim. Whether new launches, system expansions, or SAP S/4HANA transformations, we stick to budgets and deadlines on our projects – always on par with our customers. This is the basis for successful projects and thus satisfied customers.

Group 2

Planning transparency

Our approach makes it possible to achieve planning transparency after just a short time. Process specification catalogs (complete with desired add-ons) make it possible to provide high-quality investment, budget, and project planning after just a few workshops.

Why choose Nagarro as your transformation partner?

As an SAP full-service provider, we offer you the entire spectrum of SAP expertise, combined with our industry know-how.

SAP solutions for medium-sized businesses

Tailored for your company size

Having served numerous companies of all sizes, we know exactly how to tailor SAP solutions for your business.


Interdisciplinary expertise

Thanks to the close links between different disciplines within Nagarro, we generate unique value-add for our clients.

Extensive SAP know-how

Extensive SAP know-how

The SAP ecosystem is our home turf. We maintain a close partnership with SAP, and are therefore always up to date.

"Companies in the food, beverage, and tobacco industry are facing significant challenges. Firstly, they are witnessing ever more stringent legislative restrictions; secondly, this is a market that is subject to significant cost pressure and a demand for maximum transparency. We have been successfully supporting our clients in the implementation of straightforward processes."


 – Lars Schmidt, Delivery Director, Nagarro

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