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OIC integration monitoring accelerator 

Innovative upgrades to OIC for an enhanced user experience

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is one of the most preferred integration solutions that simplifies complex integration processes and brings synergies between different tech systems while ensuring security and scalability. 

As an Oracle partner, we delivered several successful OIC-driven projects, deriving valuable experience and insights from our clients. It helped us conceptualize this accelerator which enhances your OIC experience. Read on to know how!

why this accelerator?


Our client runs multiple integrations daily in a production environment. Although OIC provides a standard retention period for storing logs and activity streams of OIC run instances, the client requires access to these logs beyond the standard retention period. Additionally, they required a single dashboard to view logs, resubmit integrations, and edit payloads in case of failures since it becomes difficult to manage multiple integrations' statuses without this dashboard.


We enhanced the OIC's capabilities to enable the monitoring and integration of its instances with other systems. To add more value, we introduced customizable filter criteria and custom message sections that allow quick and efficient identification of system issues and a prompt redressal process.

what does the accelerator offer?

Our accelerator is an upgrade to the OCI logging feature that stores the activity stream data for any OIC instance. It helps save OIC integration instances logs beyond the retention period of OIC, which helps track and debug any issues encountered in any OIC session beyond the OIC retention period. It lets you access all the logs in a single location and filter them basis your custom criterion. Additionally, it offers a reprocessing mechanism to re-run the failed integrations. It is a one-time investment for building applications that can be used throughout. 

feature rundown 

  • Filter criteria: The monitoring application provides a variety of filter criteria to search and filter past OIC instances. These include Integration Code, OIC instance ID, Start Date From - Start Date To, Integration Source, Integration Target, and Status. Users can quickly search for past OIC instances with these filter criteria.

  • Custom messages: Apart from basic information like OIC instance IDs, the status of instances, and the date of execution, this monitoring application also includes a custom message section. It allows businesses to capture any custom or error messages from OIC integration in scenarios like no data found and REST failures. The retrieved information helps businesses identify and promptly address the root cause of specific issues.

  • Scalability: Our accelerator can monitor large-scale systems with thousands of nodes, containers, or servers.

  • Integration capability: This application is built using Oracle Visual Builder and exposed as a REST service and can be easily integrated with any other application with minor adjustments in the payload structure defined as per the application.

  • Reprocessing: It can re-run failed integrations with the same payload or changed payloads.

key benefits 

Data retention 

 Ability to store data for longer durations. Businesses can configure the duration per their needs and have quick and easy access to past instances.

Real-time monitoring 

Monitors events, metrics, and logs in real-time and provides up-to-date information for each OIC instance.

Data visualization 

Data visualization for quick access to system status through pie-chart representation depicting the count of success/error for OIC instances for the selected time range.

Compliance & security 

Adheres to industry standards and best practices for compliance and security, per the Oracle guidelines for building applications.

meet our expert

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Rahul Srivastava
Engineer, Nagarro