Your company’s enterprise IT architecture is an enabler to the enterprise vision – ideally flexible, scalable and agile. Unfortunately, sometimes it ends up being the exact opposite – a seeming drag on the company’s progress, unable to adapt to changing requirements.

If you are constrained by the inelegance of your IT landscape, consider a series of workshops to re-imagine its key principles and core concepts. This can be a cathartic activity. Once you have clarity on where you want to take the IT landscape in the future, you can embark on a careful, cost-effective program to transform it, piece by piece.

Whether your enterprise architecture (EA) only needs some tweaking or requires a complete revamp, our consultants will guide you every step of the way till it is optimized and future-ready.

Our offerings in EA Consulting include:

Enterprise and solution architecture definition
Our consultants start with your business vision and help assess and define all facets of the enterprise architecture - including business architecture, information and data architecture, functional architecture, application architecture, technical architecture and infrastructure architecture. They help you establish prescriptive and reference architectures that leverage solutions like ESB, messaging and integration, business rule engines, big data and analytics, Data Warehousing, MDM, mobility and ECM.
EA governance and effectiveness
We help you set up metrics, KPIs and processes around EA governance and continual assessment. We leverage globally distributed services teams to help manage the EA function. We also help you with COEs and competencies around specific technology areas that are critical to your EA vision and roadmap.
Research and analysis
We provide research and analysis services through our Imagine Labs for all emerging technology areas like IoT, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and Gamification. We help companies in product evaluations and comparisons, understanding market trends, technology partnerships, POC development, and business case development and monitoring.