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Drive growth with integrated data & processes

Point-to-point integrations, multiple communication protocols, and standards make it difficult for organizations to get going with their growth agenda. Realize the real value of technology and rid yourself of spaghetti architecture with Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). It ensures data and process uniformity across departments and functions, drives operational efficiency, fosters collaboration, and saves time.

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Our EAI offering

Nagarro's enterprise application integration services include consulting, product evaluation and prototyping, design, and implementation. From defining an integration maturity model to setting up business goals to implementing seamless integration processes, our experts can help enterprises at every point of their digital integration journey. 

EAI Consulting and Advisory Services

Our EAI consulting and advisory services simplify enterprise application integration by defining integration strategies, governance models, and roadmaps. We conduct product evaluation involving fit-gap analysis to recommend the right integration platform, followed by prototyping. 




Outcome-based approach, spanning about 8 to 12 weeks



Visibility into existing integration challenges across the enterprise



Integration maturity assessment, highlighting key focus areas to realize set business goals



Integration strategy blueprint, including target architecture definition




Governance model and execution roadmap for short-term and long-term goals

iCAT - iPaaS Comparative Analysis Tool

Nagarro's iCAT, an iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) Comparative Analysis Tool, offers a tailor-made framework to assess an organization's integration maturity model and identify emerging and future competencies. It helps evaluate different integration platforms and choose the right platform. 

Our expertise

Integration experts
skilled across platforms like MuleSoft, Dell Boomi, Jitterbit, WS02, and TIBCO.
EAI projects
across multiple industries
15 +
Years of experience
in providing EAI solutions

Success stories

An enterprise-wide hybrid integration platform strategy

The client, a leading athletic footwear and fitness apparel manufacturer, wanted to evaluate the most suitable integration platform and outline an enterprise-wide integration strategy. Our team consulted the client, identified the existing gaps, and compared multiple integration platforms using Nagarro’s iPaaS Comparative Analysis Tool (iCAT). We recommended a hybrid integration platform (HIP), built the target reference architecture and helped lay out integration strategies and a roadmap for current and future integrations.

Modernize your retail business with Snowflake-Tile

Reducing the cost of ownership through seamless integration 

A US-based manufacturer had a variety of software systems, including ERP, CRM, BI/DW, and HRIS, with lots of business data. They wanted to eliminate point-to-point integrations and reduce implementation, administration, and license costs. Nagarro conducted a maturity assessment of existing integration competencies to identify process barriers. We implemented a unified strategy and enabled process standardization to eliminate data silos and improve operational efficiency reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) by 30%.


Digital transformation for improved customer experiences

The client is a German carmaker and had a diverse IT landscape across retail, wholesale, financial services, NSC, and CRM. With siloed data and delayed access to critical information, the client had to compromise on innovation. They needed a seamless integration strategy that enabled data accessibility for timely decision-making and innovation. Nagarro conducted multiple workshops with stakeholders and laid down emerging enterprise integration patterns, integration strategies, and a roadmap to build critical digital experience focus areas allowing the client to leverage its data across functions. 

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