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Design products efficiently, at scale

Streamline your product design and development process.

A design system is an organization’s source of truth for designing and building digital products. It’s a brand book, a UI kit, a set of guidelines, code snippets, and even more!
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Benefits of a Design System

Creating and building design systems may require initial investments in time and resources. Hovewer, practice shows that the benefits and the value to the business and products outweight the initial costs.

BENEFITS OF A DESIGN SYSTEM Faster Product Design and Development

Benefits of a Design System
Faster Product Design and Development
With the design system at their hands, both designers and developers spend less time creating repeating design elements and pieces of code. They can work faster because they're not starting from scratch.
BENEFITS OF A DESIGN SYSTEM Consistent and Cohesive Product Design

Benefits of a Design System
Consistent and Cohesive Product Design
With design system, designers can focus on solving the critical challenges, and developers have a central codebase where all the components and elements live. Reusing the code that is already available allows building consistent products faster.
Benefits of a Design System -Reduced the cost of design and development

Benefits of a Design System
Reduced the Cost of Design and Development
With the design system in place, the cost of design and development reduces dramatically. Reduced cost of implementation means that the company can invest money in discovering critical user problems and creating innovative solutions for them.
dv-A shared language between design and dev

Benefits of a Design System
A Shared Language Between Design and Development
Investing in a design system means investing in design to dev collaboration. A well-made design system creates a common language for both teams and makes the handoff process very smooth.
Benefits of a Design System -Easier testing, feedback, and iteration

Benefits of a Design System
Easier Testing, Feedback, and Iteration
With the design system, designers spend 30% less on prototyping. Design system allows faster iterations in high-fidelity and test with users while keeping the look & feel and the functionality of a real product. 
Benefits of a Design System -Effortless updates to production

Benefits of a Design System
Effortless Updates to Production

Making a single update to a design element and managing that throughout a suite of products or features can take hundreds of hours.  With a design system, pushing the updates across all screens and workflows becomes effortless and quickly makes it to production. 

Who are Design Systems for?

Benefits of a Design System for designers


Spend less time creating repeatable elements and prototype faster in high-fidelity.

Benefits of a Design System for developers


Code has less bugs, and updates to production across screens and workflows is seamless.

Benefits of a Design System for product-managers

Product Managers

Go from requirements to high-fidelity and prototypes in hours, not weeks.

Benefits of a Design System-leadership


Save money per release cycle, build new products and features faster.

Success stories

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“The RMS Design System helps us deliver consistent, scalable, and easy-to-use experiences.
We are saving time and money bringing industry-leading applications to market.”

Olga Convey
SVP, Application Experience, RMS

Design Systems

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