Digital commerce solutions

Digital technologies are changing the way customers interact with businesses including in the physical world. Today’s customer is more informed and more demanding than ever. For a single purchase cycle today’s customer likes to consult more than one channel, and that’s not simply enough.

Customers want to script their own journey and therefore as businesses the best we can do is to be available for our customers, whenever they want us, wherever they want us and empower them with the information they need, which helps them in their decision making.

With customer’s changing buying behaviour, physical stores are expected to be seen more as experience and service centres. Digital technologies like in-store kiosks, digital signage and mobile point of sale etc. are transforming the way customers engage with products and brands within the stores.

At Nagarro, we embrace all of these at the core of a successful Omni-channel Digital Commerce Solutions. As a strategic partner to global leaders in retail, wholesale, fashion, consumer packaged goods and manufacturing, we provide both online and in-store digital commerce capabilities and help you make the leap into the digital era.

Our Digital Commerce Solutions are built on four pillars of cross channel commerce, self-service & personalization, digital marketing and in-store experience.

Nagarro’s service offerings give you end-to-end capabilities for your Omni-channel digital commerce needs, with which you can provide an unparalleled experience to your customers - ‘anytime, anywhere’.

Hybris (SAP)
As a Hybris partner, we help leading global retailers integrate digital and physical customer touch points onto a single platform – including online, mobile, point-of-sale, call centre, social media and print.
We provide end-to-end services ranging from Omni-channel strategy & IT roadmap consulting to the full range of implementation, upgrade and post-production services for
  • B2C Commerce – Global Retailers, Fashion brands, and Consumer packaged goods brands to help them provide seamless and personalized experience to their customers at every touch point.
  • B2B Commerce – Wholesalers, Manufacturers to help them provide B2C like experience through self-service, personalization and accurate product information to their customers anytime.
Our ready to use frameworks and plugins help enterprises reduce time to market and implementation costs.
If you want to leverage your existing enterprise application backbone and need strong frontend capabilities to extend your footprint to digital landscape, Magento offers a quick start and cost effective solution for SMB (small and medium businesses) and large enterprises alike. We specialize in enterprise class large scale Magento implementations for large customers. We offer a complete suite of eCommerce services that include digital strategy & marketing, Magento implementation, hosting, and post production support.
Digital Marketing
We offer following suite of digital marketing services to global brands
  • Creative services
  • Interactive web design
  • SEO - Search engine optimization
  • Search marketing
  • Social media management
  • ORM - Online reputation management
OneView Commerce
With OneView Commerce partnership, we offer a mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution that merges the digital and physical experiences in store. OneView allows the solution to work with your eCommerce platform to deliver a single source of commerce across the brand, which is capable of providing a truly Omni-channel experience to customers as they move across digital and physical channels.
Cloud services
Our Cloud services help enterprises optimize their infrastructure needs for digital commerce applications by bringing in elements of automation, scalability and flexibility leveraging the strengths of both private cloud and public cloud. We are an Amazon Web Services Consulting and Reselling Partner.