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Set the pace with Continuous DevOps for better business value

Transformations can only succeed with a holistic view of culture, tools, and processes – embrace DevOps the right way for enhanced efficiency.


Many enterprises envision an IT modernization state where they can achieve smooth & frequent releases into production, with the Development & Operations team working hand-in-hand, aligned towards a common goal. But the big picture about how this can be achieved can still be unclear to them. Moreover, many organizations interpret DevOps in different ways, which depends on the phase when they step into the DevOps arena.

At Nagarro, we help enterprises adopt, implement, and innovate DevOps. We empower them and lead large-scale transformations, thus earning the credibility and reputation of delivering results across industries. We emphasize & educate enterprises to do DevOps spanning across all aspects, including people, process & culture. We also highlight the importance of doing Continuous DevOps, that allows businesses to create innovative DevOps solutions that align with business objectives and organizational goals.

We fuel the DevOps culture that you need to deliver value to your customers!  

We have a dedicated DevOps Centre of Excellence at Nagarro

DevOps practitioners across the globe
years of experience in leveraging DevOps transformation
innovative accelerators for governance, security, costing, containers & dashboarding
talks at community events & conferences

What we do


DevOps Innovation Excellence

Our bespoke accelerators are the superpowers that help you to adopt DevOps across Continuous Governance, Continuous Insight, CI/CD, Continuous feedback, digital assessments, and Integration plugins. These accelerators help you to achieve a DevOps transformation that provides a new perspective on the breadth of DevOps services and club them all in the form of a self-service catalog. You can use them to provision environments, control governance, handle security, ensure compliance, and a lot more. Interested?

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Driving on the excellence highway - Maruti Suzuki's DevOps journey with Nagarro

We implemented Enterprise DevOps across the organization, reducing production issues with rigorous testing.
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A blueprint for a successful DevOps strategy

Building a foundation for a successful DevOps journey and a culture of adapting to the fast-changing markets.
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Successful DevOps strategy

DevOps Solution for Big Data Platform Over AWS

Delivering solutions for microservices-based big data platform on AWS’s Big Data Canvas for smooth deployment, management, and optimization of big data pipelines while ensuring agility and reliability.

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DevOps Solution for Big Data Platform Over AWS

DevSecOps over AWS Cloud

Fortify DevSecOps on AWS by seamlessly integrating security into every phase of the development lifecycle with AWS's comprehensive suite of tools and services

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DevSecOps over AWS Cloud

Fast-tracking innovation by connected CICD platform (CDTS)

Ensuring quick, innovative solutions through continuous integration and continuous delivery for a leading German OEM of premium cars.

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Fast-tracking innovation by connected CICD platform (CDTS)
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Gain from AWS DevOps

AWS DevOps streamlines DevOps practices via AWS services, simplifying tasks like infrastructure management, software release automation, app monitoring, and code deployment. Our expertise empowers process streamlining, boosting efficiency, cutting costs, and enhancing product delivery. 

Interested to learn more? Contact us!

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Kailash Bisht
Co-Lead - DevOps CoE
Manav Sikka-DevOps-CoE
Manav Sikka
Co-Lead - DevOps CoE