With 'agile' (view our agile offerings) becoming the preferred application development methodology worldwide, it is vital to have swift and frequent deployments for an early business value understanding. While handling legacy systems has always been challenging, varied hybrid solutions have now started upending established business model. This is where ‘Continuous DevOps’ provides a competitive advantage. It enables businesses to be more agile with greater speed and creativity.

As such, making DevOps an integral part of the software delivery lifecycle is not just a smart strategy but a necessary step for most organizations. Our DevOps experts architect innovative solutions that help organizations improve the performance and the value of their business through an alignment of business objectives and DevOps technologies.


Our offerings include:

Analysis & Strategy Formulation
Our consultants analyze your organization’s current system workflows and propose new solutions with POCs.
  • DevOps advisory and consultation
  • DevOps assessment and design roadmap
  • Proof of concept
  • DevOps approach towards Cloud architecture
Our DevOps experts help you develop the next generation of 'build platform'.
  • Custom solutions to implement toolchain and automatic 'build process' for multiple components
  • Automatic deployment to target environment using CD
  • Configuration management with Maven/Chef/Puppet/Salt/Ansible etc.
We help you in creating and maintaining the 'build farm'.
  • Implementation of the ‘build pipeline’ for Dev, ST, UAT and prod environment
  • Handling of one click deployments over VM as well as Cloud
  • Monitoring and undertaking of log analysis using Nagios, Custom Tools, Splunk etc.
  • Integrating with existing ITSM tools
We help you optimize your existing architecture with refactoring, modularization, containerization and integration with your core development products.
  • Customized plugins development as per the requirement
  • Integration of Bug tracking, SCM and CI tool
  • Orchestration solution to auto provisioning of cloud or VM instances with application packages