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Redefining customer experiences

Embark on a journey of unparalleled Customer360 experiences with XPerience360 – where your customer data meets innovation insights and delivers a competitive advantage. XPerience360 is Nagarro's Customer360 platform designed to transform how you understand, engage, and retain your customers. It goes beyond traditional customer management by harnessing the capabilities of predictive analytics to predict future customer actions. 
It provides real-time insights into customer behaviour and preferences, identifies at-risk customers, optimizes marketing strategies, and gauges overall sentiment to enhance customer relationships and boost retention rates. XPerience360 is a strategic asset for businesses seeking a competitive edge in today's dynamic market.

why XPerience 360?

What sets XPerience360 apart from other platforms is the integration of Gen AI and Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities. It utilizes Gen AI to analyze vast data volumes for deeper insights and predictive analytics. Meanwhile, the MDM capabilities ensure data accuracy, consistency, and reliability across all customer touchpoints, enhancing the quality and relevance of insights.
Xperience360 icon

platform features

Custome data view_icon
Holistic customer data view

Provides a holistic view of customer data. Unlock the potential of Customer360 by seamlessly aggregating and refining customer information for a comprehensive understanding.




Customer insights & sentiment analysis icon
Customer sentiment analysis

Elevates your understanding of customers with effective segmentation strategies and sentiment analysis and empowers data-driven decision-making. Helps you identify customer emotions and perceptions to fine-tune communication strategies, personalize experiences, and enhance customer satisfaction.

icon for Churn prediction
Churn prediction

Integrates cutting-edge algorithms and advanced analytics to identify potential churn indicators and proactively engage customers to enhance retention strategies.

 icon for AI-driven insights
 AI-driven insights 

Leverages artificial intelligence to enhance flexibility and scalability, focusing on delivering actionable insights for effective customer engagement.

 icon for  Customer segmentation
 Customer segmentation 

Offers segmentation strategies to categorize customers based on behaviour, preferences, and demographics. Tailors marketing and engagement strategies for more effective customer targeting.

icon for Seamless Cloud Integration
 Seamless cloud integration 
Seamlessly integrates with your preferred cloud ecosystem, ensuring that your Customer360 platform leverages the scalability and flexibility of cloud services like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

XPerience 360 at work

Supply chain optimization for a global logistics firm

Helping leading global logistics firm optimize supply chain operations and achieve a 15% reduction in inventory costs and a 20% increase in on-time deliveries.

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A delivery box in the supply chain process

Driving the adoption of financial products

Leveraging XPerience360 to help a client analyze its large customer database for a deeper understanding of customer preferences. They witnessed a 25% upswing in cross-selling success and a remarkable 30% enhancement in overall customer engagement.

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