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04 - 05 Oct
Booth #24 | Messe Wien, Vienna
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By Kanchan Ray, Dr. Sudipta Seal
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Engineering your DataOnCloud Platform

For business organizations to thrive in today's market and stay ahead of the competition, data alone isn't enough. To turn data into business insights, it is extremely critical to trust the data, consolidate it and analyze it for actionable insights.  
However, data's sheer volume and complexity pose challenges in deriving tangible business value. This has led to a growing demand for Data Engineering Platforms that offer centralized and integrated solutions to collect, store, manage, and analyze large-scale data sets. By leveraging these platforms, organizations can analyze data swiftly and efficiently, enabling data-driven decision-making.
Nagarro's Data Engineering Platform simplifies data management and enhances data quality through standardized intake, sharing, and storage.  It helps enterprises gain increased data security, integration, control, and allows for more efficient data sharing, internally and externally.

why DEP?

Low code
Low code
Ensures swift development of data integration pipelines with intuitive visuals, reducing development costs. Drives fast application development, better productivity, accessibility for non-technical users, scalability, and flexibility
Single codebase for multi cloud
Multi-cloud single codebase
Effortlessly operates in a multi-cloud environment that empowers you to write code once and deploy it across various cloud platforms, eliminating the need for extensive modifications
cloud agnostic
Cloud agnostic
Migrates seamlessly between multiple cloud platforms without service disruption with architectural design and scales on demand with fully managed and serverless cloud services
PAAS Integration
PaaS integration
Seamlessly integrates with various PaaS offerings, empowering users to use multiple services and resources. Allows greater customization and optimization of data integration workflows
Mindset shift
Imperative to declarative
Describes the programs to be executed by leveraging Declarative programming. Focuses on the desired data outcome by ensuring efficient data processing and seamless transformation
data mesh decentralization
Data mesh design
Utilizes decentralized data ownership, self-serve infrastructure, federated data governance, and data reliability to enable collaborative data exploration. This further promotes scalability, agility, and a decentralized data culture
Declarative AI integration
Declarative AI integration
Enables seamless integration of AI within the platform, focusing on desired outcomes and enhancing flexibility and scalability
Accelerated testing
Accelerated development and testing
Delivers faster development and testing.​ Save your workflows and edit them in different engagements. Extend capabilities with your pre-extended workflows

platform features

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featured success story

Higher efficiency & productivity through a unified data platform

Nagarro built a unified data platform that delivered higher efficiency, productivity, increased collaboration, and data standardization.

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Data engineering platform
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