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Fuel your company's data potential

Unify. Segment. Personalize. Boost Marketing ROI with a Customer Data Platform

Struggling to maximize your customer data without a unified view? A Customer Data Platform (CDP) can help by consolidating data from various sources, enabling personalized marketing, better targeting, and real-time interactions.

However, a CDP alone isn't enough. Its success relies on the right strategy and expertise. Nagarro brings years of CDP expertise, offering strategic guidance, team augmentation, and dedicated support. Our end-to-end approach ensures seamless execution, enabling effective measurement, optimization, and increased ROI.

360 degree customer view

Unify customer data for 360-degree view 


Deliver personalized experiences across touchpoints

Customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction and sales

Maximizing ROI

Track and optimize your marketing campaigns for maximum ROI

our offerings


  • Assessment and roadmap definition: Conduct a thorough assessment to define a tailored, data-driven CDP roadmap.

  • Vendor selection: Collaborate to select a vendor based on scalability, security, and compliance, ensuring long-term strategic goals with nearly 200 CDP vendors.

  • CDP activation: Seamlessly integrate with digital experience and enterprise platforms, enabling MarTech clouds, eCommerce, and web personalization. We specialize in developing AI-driven data science models for the next best action, product, and offer.


  • Seamless implementation and integration: Ensure a smooth CDP launch with rigorous testing, streamlined setup, data cleansing, normalization, and configuration.

  • Feasibility analysis: Analyze your data ecosystem and business goals to identify relevant use cases and develop a suitable customer data strategy.

  • Solution definition: Map data sources, define models, and configure integrations for a CDP that ingests and activates customer data.

  • Data governance framework: Establish a framework ensuring data security, privacy, and quality by defining roles, responsibilities, and processes for data management.


  • Empower your team: Conduct team-building programs focused on knowledge transfer to transform your team into data-driven decision-makers.

  • Boost long-term capabilities: Provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your data ecosystem runs smoothly, including regular check-ups, performance optimization, and troubleshooting.
CDP - Support and maintenance

success stories

CDP for a footwear brand

Improved campaign performance through personalized targeting with CDP

A leading athletic footwear and apparel manufacturer wanted to unify scattered customer data for better visibility, efficient targeting, and timely campaigns. Nagarro implemented a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to centralize customer information, integrating with CRM, PoS, eCommerce, SFMC, Loyalty, and third-party systems in real-time. We enriched profiles with engagement metrics, product affinity, and AI-driven scores. A consent management solution ensured compliance. This innovation increased the client's contactable customer base, marketing agility, and campaign performance, fostering deeper connections with their global customers.


Increasing customer lifetime value with CDP for a Fortune 500 organization

The second-largest French multinational manufacturer required a CDP consulting partner for global implementation. Nagarro assisted the client in shifting its B2C business to a customer-centric model. The implementation led to the identification and creation of a new global segment with an estimated customer lifetime value of more than € 40 Bn. The client saw a 10% savings and 9.83% more conversions in a year and a 72% surge in web sign-ups within two months. This shift unlocked new growth opportunities not just for their B2C segment, but for the entire group's B2B2C strategy on a global scale. 

our partners

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