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Oracle CPQ chatbot for Swift Quoting

Sales users from multiple industries have found Oracle CPQ to be an extremely useful tool, especially for the Quote to Order journey. Oracle CPQ is more efficient than traditional, Excel-based quoting, which requires manual effort as the entire Configuration, Quotation, and Pricing journey is not centralized. Even Oracle CPQ may need to automate the quoting process to reduce the sales efforts since the same task requires repeated efforts for multiple quotations. High time then for automation to chime in and improve the overall Sales productivity.

The context

A possible (if not typical) product configuration scenario could be the sales user configures a certain product pretty much the same way every time, with only minimal changes in one or two fields. Though Oracle CPQ provides an option to mark a product as a favorite, it will not refresh any dynamic data (such as pricing) while adding the favorite product for different quotes. This means we might need to configure the same product again.

If only there could be a mobile app with a chatbot to send a message saying, “Please create a quote with your Favorite product ABC”! The bot could then take care of the request and responds with the Quote ID for the ABC product added with dynamic pricing. How convenient!

To solve this process and increase the efficiency of the quote-to-order journey, we developed an app called Swift Quoting that not only creates/modifies quotes and adds the product but also helps users send these requests, even if they are offline.

Oracle CPQ chatbot accelerator: Improve sales productivity | Nagarro

The Objective

Without automation, the current manual quoting process often results in: 

  • Longer quotation cycles due to repetitive activities
  • Dependency on browser-based quoting because of lack of mobile app provisioning
  • Inability to access CPQ when offline
  • Delayed timelines for Quote to Order journey, resulting in lesser orders

The main objective of the accelerator is to reduce the dependency on browser-based quoting by allowing sales users to create and modify quotations accurately. They can do so by using the mobile app from anywhere, anytime - with or without the internet.

This app also provides reports and dashboards with minimal clicks. And reduces the manual efforts to increase sales productivity and will even help submit orders within the specified timeline with 100% accuracy.

improve the overall Sales productivity_Chatbot

The Solution

Swift Quoting is a one-stop solution for everything in your Quote to Order journey. It picks the user requests through the chatbot, conducts the smart keyword search to identify the requested operation, and performs the Oracle CPQ REST API methods. It analyzes the API results in JSON. Based on the custom logic using Java methods, it accordingly reports the success/failure status.

The solution comes with a UI that enables users to view the dashboard and check the status of their quotes with a single click. It is a completely customized and flexible solution that can accommodate any UI change as per business requirements. It can be connected to Salesforce, EBS, SAP, or any other tech platform for clients.

Oracle CPQ chatbot accelerator: Improve sales productivity _CPQ accelerator thumbail 2

Rendering a seamless user experience

Easy login & access 




Offline capability 

Offline capability


Interactive  interface

Quotation journey-1



Insights dashboards




Key Highlights

Increased sales productivity – The Quote to Order journey time can be reduced from hours to minutes. This helps to achieve the sales targets within the given deadlines.
Flexible solution – It can be used for all the tools and technologies.
Offline capability – Users can send their requests as a message to the bot in offline mode. The messages and quotes are processed once the user is back on the grid.
Device-agnostic – The app can be installed on any android device and functions smoothly across all such devices.


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Jayant Dhumal-2
Jayant Dhumal
Oracle CPQ Arhitect