Agile application development and management is at the center of Nagarro’s DNA. With dedicated architecture groups for Java, Microsoft, and Open Source (PHP, ROR) platforms, Nagarro has vast experience designing and building robust, scalable and extensible applications for web, mobile, desktop, and cloud environments. Our competence in application software extends into managing and supporting applications in the most efficient and technically competent way possible.

As technology keeps evolving, our services keep evolving with it. We like to think we are early adopters of technology and this, along with our agility, protects our customers from early obsolescence of the solutions we deliver and manage.


Our ADM/AMS offerings include:

Application development

We provide the full gamut of application development services to valued customers ranging from ISVs to Fortune 500 companies. These can be broadly classified as:

  • Application feasibility and requirement analysis
  • Application design, development, and implementation
  • Systems integration/consolidation
  • Application re-engineering, performance tuning and migration
  • Package based implementations

Depending upon solution feasibility and client preferences, we flexibly use traditional development methodologies such as waterfall and RUP; or agile development methodologies such as scrum, TDD (Test Driven Development), and XP; to deliver solutions to our clients.

As a CMMI5 organization, all Nagarro engagements are closely monitored by the Governance and Operations department, a key Nagarro group responsible for project governance, process compliance, and identification and mitigation of risks.

By relying on proven practices, we are able to minimize risk, maximize benefits, and continuously deliver projects with impeccable quality, on-time and within budget.

Application services assessment and consulting
On request, we can assess the current application-related services provided to the business and evaluate the potential to re-orient them to better meet the goals of the business. We are often called upon subsequently to in fact rationalize and modernize the application portfolios and services.
Application management
Our application management and support offering provides consulting- ITSM consulting & portfolio rationalization, ITSM implementation and operations services. Our focus is on deriving business value from an application as well optimization opportunities that are instrumental to modern IT operations to achieve effective consolidation and transformation.
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