The world around is changing rapidly. Traditional businesses are being challenged by faster and younger enterprises that are in many cases a fraction of their size. This new breed of enterprises are adept at responding to the rapidly changing world around us. Moreover, with digitization of everything, IT organizations must work efficiently to accomplish more in less time. Irrespective of whether you are a small organisation or a large one, being able to respond rapidly to the needs of the market and your customers is the key.

Enterprise Agile is the way forward. Our extensive agile expertise brings about a new approach to IT services to assist in your agile journey and help unleash the power of true enterprise agility.

Our offerings in agile include:

Training and Coaching
Focused training and coaching programs targeted at the executive, business, and project teams. Our interactive and fun sessions conducted by hands-on Agilists include:
  • Roles related training (PO, SM, Scrum Team)
  • Programs for Leadership and Management
  • Programs on Team level (Scrum, Lean, Kanban, XP) and Scaling Agile (SAFe, LeSS, DA)
  • Full-time Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner embedded within teams
  • Lifecycle topics – e.g., Estimation, Contract Management
  • Train the trainer
  • Both classroom and web-based
Agile Consulting
Meeting our customer’s strategic objectives over implementing all best practices of Agility and DevOps. Specialized and bespoke advice and solutions to your specific needs:
  • Agile Proficiency Assessment
  • Support with the adoption and transformation journey
  • Agile project management and tooling implementation
  • CI/CD implementation
  • Automation tooling
  • Metrics selection
Agility for all
Solutions for non-IT teams to attain and sustain Agility. We help our customers reap the benefits of ‘Enterprise Agility’ in the following ways:
  • Agile adoption and transformation program for non-IT teams
  • Identification and measurement of metrics
  • Support from inception to sustenance
Adoption and Transformation
Adoption and Transformation using the Nagarro Enterprise Transformation Approach. It can be broadly classified as:
  • Adoption of Agile within an ‘Enterprise’
  • Transformation to Agility
  • Customize operational model
  • Execution and scaling
  • Sustenance and improvement
Agile Health Check Workshop
Nagarro‘s Agile Health Check brings to the fore the real challenges and underlying impediments in Agile Delivery in your organization. The 2-day* workshop brings together key stakeholders to gain insights into the challenges and impediments
* Days may vary according to the scope
Agile Transformation Workshop
Using Nagarro’s unique four-quadrant approach, the 3-day* Agile Transformation Workshop helps establish the vision and bring out the tooling, governance, operational model, and training needs required to transform the organization to a truly agile way of working focused on well-defined and measurable outcomes.
* Days may vary according to the scope