SAP systems are an integral part of many business processes to run routine end-to-end business processes in the areas of payroll, people management, asset management, and so on. The SAP systems have become the backbone for businesses, since it helps generate business value and is critical for high reliability of businesses operations.


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Nagarro’s unique SAP testing strategy ensures seamless SAP and integrated systems. Here is a brief about our unique SAP test approach:


  • Create SAP test strategy and identify SAP testing risks and scope
  • Identify SAP data needs and set-up test data management
  • Identify SAP environment needs
  • Identify cross system, system integration test, E2E interfaces


  • Create end-to-end business process testing scenarios
  • Develop manual and automated test cases based on impact and risk analysis across SAP ecosystem


  • Execute cross system, system integration test, testing E2E interfaces, E2E business process testing
  • Execution of manual and automated test cases in integration with non-SAP solutions


  • Testing the test approach itself and validate each step of approach
  • Review test progress and test results
  • Involve business in the review process
  • Exit testing after successful review
  • Process improvement based on assessment