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"PHOTON" is a one-stop performance testing solution that alleviates all worries of today’s business leaders and technical architects. It improves quality of products and the efficiency of teams.

The rising technological advancements and digital transformation demands new ways to test products. Hop on a journey with us from unmanaged performance testing work to smooth, end-to-end performance testing at the speed of digital.


What is PHOTON

Photon is a package of our extensive performance engineering experience, which has taught us that performance testing alone is not enough to deliver high quality. Inefficient performance testing can lead to potential product failures. It takes more. It takes PHOTON – an end-to-end performance testing solution that has your back.


Proven – Developed with the foresight and recommendations of industry experts, customers, and project stakeholders to cater all their need.

Highly scalable – Photon has the power of scalability to test application needing large, distributed load and can scale the load to the nth number.

Optimized – Photon enables the performance testing teams to work under defined constraints and deliver the best value to the project.

Tangible – The real-time and standardized reporting enables quick bottleneck identification with utmost accuracy.

One-click – Deployment time is reduced manifolds with ease, making more room for real-world load test planning scenario creation.

Nimble – Due to the advanced tech stack Photon comes with inherent platform independence and seamless integration capabilities.


PHOTON is your best buddy if there is 

  • Low performance runs due to high infrastructure cost and management cost
  • Inefficient test monitoring
  • Tedious root cause analysis on distributed systems
  • Disorganized reporting that amounts to lack of a one-stop view of the project’s performance health
  • Lack of performance trend analysis across releases
  • Untested front-end user experience
  • High efforts required to set-up performance testing infrastructure

Why choose PHOTON for end-to-end performance testing

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Availability is the key. Availability supports reliability.
Reliability defines quality and trust.


PHOTON would love to meet you, are you in?

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