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Vienna, January 18, 2023: With the State of DevOps Report 2022, Nagarro has presented, for the second time, the results analysis of our survey. This survey is based on our client landscape, providing even more insights into the status-quo of DevOps adoption, and about what drives organizations to excel in software delivery. Today, DevOps is a corporate culture subject. In the context of lean, agile principles with technical tools and practices, DevOps is an indicator of innovative strength and performance. The State of DevOps Report 2022 is not only driven by the survey results but is also based on our work with clients, on countless conversations with DevOps experts, Agile experts, and the broader technical community, and shows significant development in the client perception, as compared to 2021.


50 percent elite performers and still a lot of uplift potential

The State of DevOps Report 2022 helps to understand how DevOps principles and practices are applied in organizations and how external factors can influence their effectiveness. Our performance measures and their clustering are an interpretation of key industry metrics published by DORA. To allow direct comparison with similar reports, the response options were aligned with industry standards. This year’s assessment included 55 questions on culture and work environment, technical solutions, testing practices, as well as team interaction and collaboration. Results show that almost 50 percent of organizations can be classified as high performers or even elite performers - a significant increase of 30 percent compared to last year's results. On the other hand, 60 percent of organizations struggle with regular and frequent deployments, draining them of valuable time, flexibility, and overall agility. It seems that there is still a lot of room for improvement in our industry - especially in areas that go beyond simply applying technical methods.


Key questions to be answered

Since almost half of the respondents can be classified as high performers or elite performers, it raises the question: What drives these companies and what holds others back?

Remote collaboration is now ubiquitous. While every company seems to be doing it, getting it right and making it sustainable is far from trivial. So how is remote collaboration impacting businesses and what challenges need to be addressed?

Although cloud adoption has become a key differentiator in terms of capability, this trend also brings significant challenges. Now more than ever, companies need to ensure that their investments in the cloud follow a long-term strategy to realise their full potential.

To become a high or elite performer, fast feedback cycles are essential for companies. This makes it crucial that both the organizational and technical foundations are in place. However, how this can be realised is very individual and is negatively influenced by the existing organizational structures.

Stefan Gwihs-NagarroStefan Gwihs, Quality DevOps Practice Lead at Nagarro, is convinced: "The progressive introduction of DevOps principles and practices leads to a number of improvements in companies and industries. As a result, countless teams and departments have been able to increase not only their productivity, but also their motivation and overall well-being. Now, it's also our responsibility to make sure we promote this culture and mindset across the industry so that everyone can benefit."


Download the entire State of DevOps Report 2022!


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Nagarro, a global digital engineering leader, helps clients become innovative, digital-first companies and thus, win in their markets. The company is distinguished by its entrepreneurial, agile, and global character, its CARING mindset, and its approach of “Thinking Breakthroughs”. Nagarro employs over 18,000 people in 33 countries. For more information, visit