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Are you harnessing tech in the right way to gain a competitive advantage? The emphasis today needs to be on customer-centric touchpoints across the entire guest lifecycle to create personalized guest experiences while at the same time bringing in operational efficiency and smart decision-making.

With Nagarro, you can quickly and seamlessly implement strategic and empathetic tools of human centric design to enhance your product-building processes and services. Our joint tech, analytics, and creative capabilities enable digital transformations for hospitality businesses while providing a launchpad for further innovation and growth. Our hospitality experts work with global market leaders to take brands to new heights and help create unique and unforgettable guest experiences.

Turning business vision into reality

Our vision for the future is to bring together a suite of capabilities across data, business intelligence, the Internet of Things, process automation, Metaverse, and other emerging technologies to enable hotels to craft right strategies for success.

Personalized guest experiences 

Bring in contextualized experiences – drive targeted marketing, interactions at the hotel, personalized content at the right time, and an emotional connection with your guests to help create a hotel brand memory and a worry-free guest stay.

Customer profiling 360-degree marketing  Digital signage platforms AI-based marketing analytics 
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Easy onboarding and enabling disruptive solutions 

Hyperscale with cloud – quickly onboard new properties within your ecosystem and fast-forward the implementation of innovative solutions. Also, quickly shift to a data-driven landscape and be an accelerator to experiment and implement any disruptive solutions with cloud.

Hyperscalers Cloud implementation, migration and ops Cloud security Data platforms
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Smart decision-making

Drive your hotels to excellence – use the power of data to draw the performance of the hotel and generate valuable insights for improvement by comparing and learning from other hotels in your portfolio.


Brand performance Forecasting

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Easy booking

Create a seamless booking flow – increase direct booking and ancillary sales and boost your revenue.

E-commerce Website  Mobile apps User experience Ancillaries 
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Intelligent hotel operations 

Conquer through data-driven intelligence – leverage technology to make your operational processes smarter and automate repetitive tasks so that you save time to focus only on critical matters.

Business intelligence Predictive maintenance  Reporting  Connected operations Connected staff


5.Intelligent hotel operations@2x

Reduced staff attrition 

Enable the sense of belongingness – actively engage with the staff to keep them updated about the hotel and make the information easy to find. Train your staff through immersive trainings, giving them an opportunity to improve.

Employee productivity Seamless communication Transparent information flow Intelligent nudging
6.Reduced staff attrition @2x

Accelerators to kick-start your journey

Some of our most amazing work

Enhancing customer experience for hotel guests

We partnered with a leading hospitality giant to provide quality assurance and system integration for WeChat's Mini programs for room reservations, member card management, food and beverage services, and scan-to-order functionality. These Mini programs, available within the WeChat ecosystem, allow users to access various functionalities without the need to download separate applications. Our team also successfully managed end-to-end project delivery for a specific Mini program focused on room reservations.

Happy guest using hotel mobile app

Sales predictor for informed business decisions

We collaborated with the client to develop a predictive sales model to help clients anticipate and forecast demand for their products and services in different regions and countries. This was done by analyzing historical data and considering various factors like seasonality, economic indicators, and market trends. We used data analytics and AI in the model to provide valuable insights for future sales patterns. This enabled marketing and logistics to make informed decisions regarding customer behavior, inventory management, and resource allocation.

Customer segmentation analytics_Hospitality success story1

Intelligent quantification of customer feedback

We created an AI-based solution that uses advanced neural network models to translate the customer feedback received in multiple languages. The solution allows for extraction of opinion words to generate sentiment analytics with an intuitive dashboard. This helps analyze service improvements with >85% accuracy of sentiments and lets the business focus on customer service enhancement.

Intelligent customer feedback_Hospitality IT solutions

Customer 360-degree to transform guest experience

Although huge amount of customer data is available within different systems, the data is not structured and cannot be used to drive any actionable customer insights. Nagarro developed an advanced analytics-based big data solution that included creation of a single database for a 360-degree view of each customer along with appropriate customer segmentation. This significantly increased customer engagement.

customer 360 degree

Enhancing tourist experiences with a virtual guide

We developed a native app for both android and iOs platforms specifically tailored to enhance the experience of tourists visiting popular destinations. Named ivie, our city guide app serves as a virtual companion, offering comprehensive information and insider tips on renowned landmarks. Whether it's museums, architectural wonders, or other famous attractions, ivie acts as a digital service to assist visitors in these tourist hotspots. Tips are suggested based on the geo-location, as per a tourist's current position.

Happy tourist in Vienna (1)

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