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Advancing innovation and digitalization in pharma

Dedicated to technology-led innovation and efficiency by using technology, we collaborate with the leading pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) to pioneer digital solutions for the pharma companies and help them overcome digital immaturity.

From streamlined R&D processes facilitating cost-effective drug launches to optimizing high-potential projects for maximum return on investment, our end-to-end digitalization solutions empower organizations to navigate complexities with agility and precision.

With a keen focus on shortening cycles and ensuring compliant trials, we transform the conventional drug pipeline into an adaptive approach primed for success. We foster data-driven decision-making through real-time sales visibility, detailed analytics, and robust engagement strategies tailored for patients and healthcare professionals.

why Biopharma?


BioPharma helps healthcare and life sciences organizations tackle:

Integrated operations 


Clinical data management 

Commerical analytics 


Data management and analysis

Disjointed systems integration 


Actionable insights across the drug lifecycle

our offerings



Medical health informatics

Medical health informatics

  • Clinical data management – OCR DC, InForm, Medidata Rave, Veeva Vault
  • Statistical programming and submission - Tables, Listings, Figures, Graphs,  SDTM, ADaM, ISS, ISE, SAP, and SAR development
  • Bio-medical informatics – Patient holistic approaches by leveraging omics along with ML algorithms to identify novel biomarkers
clinical data management biopharma


  • Implementation, integration & customization of ERP suites (SAP, Oracle, DX.365)  
  • Supply chain planning, orchestration, and execution
  • MES consulting, design (including Recipe Design), development, integrations, upgrade, testing, deployment, and rollout (Siemens, SAP, Rockwell, Tulip, Apprentice, MPDV Hydra etc. )  
  • Industry 4.0 solution across five verticals such as Smart Factory, Connected Logistics, Smarter Services, Connected Product & Connected Worker
Commercialization BioPharma


  • Sales optimization
  • Salesforce engagement
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Omnichannel engagement
  • Patient & HCP engagement
  • Patient education content
  • CRM
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Digital Social Insights

digital social insights


Digital and social media offer a rich source of real-world data by capturing patient experience insights, and they have the potential to revolutionize the way we understand and care for patients.

We help you capture this untapped potential through an AI-driven approach to digital insights that uncover patients’ behaviour and needs, competitor benchmarking, and market trends.

Doctor working on her laptop.

our accelerators


Growth accelerators

We have a range of templates like site digital maturity assessment, a recipe re-usability framework for building blocks development, and an L2 integration methodology. Our recipe design framework (OSD) is tailored to fit most OSD processes. Some other tools include a data visualization dashboard, an MES configuration wizard for simplifying setup and transfer processes, and a handover certificate generator to facilitate seamless transitions.

Data Engineering Platform

DEP enables organizations to integrate, ingest, process, transform & visualize data from diversified data sources seamlessly. It uses an agnostic architecture that supports AWS, Azure, Snowflake, and Databricks platforms. The accelerator has a built-in data governance framework to ensure high data quality and integrity. This can be scaled to a full-fledged R&D platform to enable scientists to streamline novel drug development research.

Gen AI models

Our platform utilizes GPT 3.5 and GPT 4.0 to comprehend users' emotions and inquiries through its NLP capabilities, aiding their scientific research and responding conversationally. 
How does it work? Imagine a virtual assistant that digs through piles of heterogeneous datasets to find critical information. This enables scientists to explore assets, ontologies, and clinical research data efficiently. It can be integrated and accessed using multiple web, mobile, and MS Teams interfaces.

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our experts 

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Gaurav Tyagi
Gaurav Tyagi
BioPharma & Digital Health Practice Lead
Manish Verma - LifeSci
Manish Verma
Assistant Director - Commercialization, Digital and Social Media Insights
Bhaskar Rana - Life Sci
Bhaskar Rana
BioPharma & MES Business Consultant
Liyaqath Zain - LifeSci
Liyaqath Zain
Digital Health Business Consultant
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