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Fast-track your remote asset management solutions

Nagarro AMRA is a fully customizable Asset Management and Remote Access accelerator, powered by IoT, designed to efficiently connect all assets deployed in a globally distributed environment.


Nagarro AMRA: How it works?


Challenges addressed by AMRA

Complexities of a distributed environment
Failing to ensure proper scalability, availability, security, and extensibility is a showstopper in accelerated digitization.
Delayed issue awareness due to inefficient monitoring
Inefficient monitoring leads to slow detection of unidentified technical or performance issues, thus affecting the health and longevity of the assets.
Limited management, tracking, and control of assets
Disconnected assets across the globe pose a series of operational problems when it comes to managing and tracking them.
Lack of a comprehensive reporting system
The absence of a reporting system hinders the organization’s capacity to measure key KPIs related to assets performance, utilization etc.
Critical data loss due to machine breakdown or downtime
Unexpected breakdown or downtime can lead to loss of data and affect the organization’s cost in terms of repairs and asset productivity.
High resource consumption and managing assets costs
Manual management of all the assets distributed globally takes additional resources and hence more man-hours and increased costs.

Discover AMRA Functionality

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Let technology do the heavy lifting for you

AMRA1Scale your device infrastructure with ease

AMRA1Increase uptime with remote management and troubleshooting

AMRA3Effectively connect, manage, and monitor assets without compromising data privacy

AMRA1Keep full access and control over the solution

AMRA1Cut deployment time for new components with pre-built setup for top IoT features

AMRA6Gain real-time access to device data and logs to monitor asset health and utilization

Nagarro AMRA

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