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Intelligent predictive maintenance for power utilities

Leverage intelligent predictive maintenance to improve reliability, performance, and safety of your critical power equipment and assets, and reduce maintenance costs.

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One of the main challenges for utilities is to run their critical power assets safely and reliably. But unplanned breakdowns and shutdown events often impact asset operability and utilization. Additionally, frequent replacement of expensive equipment, combined with the revenue loss from the downtime, increases the financial burden.

Nagarro’s intelligent predictive maintenance solution leverages advanced analytics and machine learning and helps you detect potential faults, reduce unplanned downtime, optimize your asset performance, improve resource utilization, and reduce maintenance costs.

Business challenges addressed by our intelligent predictive maintenance offering:

High cost of unplanned shutdowns and downtime
Plant and grid operators often face incidents of unplanned shutdowns and asset downtime, resulting in high costs. Our predictive maintenance insights help in making timely, informed decisions resulting in improved plant reliability and revenue optimization.
Lack of early warning in case of faults and failures
Often utility O&M teams have little or no insight into potential equipment faults and failures. We help you leverage data via our predictive maintenance offering to detect anomalies and plant equipment malfunctions early on that helps avoid unexpected equipment breakdown.
Sub-optimal performance of critical assets
The unavailability of real-time insights into the condition of power assets often leads to the assets performing inefficiently. Our solution leverages advanced ML models and historic data to smartly predict anomalies and equipment failures, and prescribe maintenance routines.

Key business benefits

By implementing our intelligent predictive maintenance solution, power utilities can realize the following benefits:


Higher asset utilization and reduced unplanned downtime
Failure of critical equipment due to unexpected faults and asset degradation leads to unplanned downtime and low asset utilization. By providing foresight into the health of critical assets, our predictive maintenance offering allows you to take corrective measures in reducing events of equipment breakdown.

Intelligent predictive maintenance for power utilities

Lower O&M costs
Inspection and maintenance routines are periodic or reactive with little to no warning for impending failures. Early warnings by our predictive maintenance offering enable you to take proactive maintenance steps and avoid unexpected equipment breakdown. The cost of periodic preventive maintenance is reduced through more targeted, insight-driven maintenance schedules.

Intelligent predictive maintenance for power utilities

Optimal asset performance and extended asset life
Asset data when combined with advanced predictive analytics can be used to reliably predict the health of the asset and rectify issues to improve equipment and process efficiency. Furthermore, the lifetime of aging assets can be extended for several years through predictive maintenance technologies.

How can Nagarro help?

Extensive experience of providing predictive maintenance solution to a variety of market leaders across domains
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Decades of technology expertise and domain knowledge to help you create the appropriate IT roadmap
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Localized team of experts to handhold you in your journey and help develop tailored solution that helps you meet your short and long-term objectives
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Intelligent predictive maintenance for power utilities

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