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The Global shared mobility market is growing rapidly and is expected to reach a trillion dollars by 2030. OEMs must adopt a digital-first approach and build high-value, scalable solutions catering to underserved market needs to leverage this opportunity.

Nagarro's Shared Mobility Accelerator harnesses the power of digital technologies to help OEMs launch robust, market-ready solutions that offer state-of-art customer experiences. Powered by our hi-tech engineering prowess in data, design, and digital technologies, it drives transformation for OEMs.

With us, you can build and scale top-notch digital mobility experiences with a faster time to market and reduced ownership cost.

Platform features

rewards programme_Shared mobility accelerator

Rewards and benefits program

car-sharing_shared mobility

Multimodal mobility

parking assistance_share mobility accelerator

Car parking assistance

analytics_shared mobility

Riding behaviour analysis


assist-battery_shared mobility

Charging assistance

notification_shared mobility accelerator

Battery / vehicle health alerts

Platform services

 As driving personally owned vehicles become tiresome, people are increasingly looking for shared mobility options that are sustainable and help decongest the cities. Aligning with the customer’s needs, mobility solution providers must offer a basket of convenient and customized services that customers can choose from as per their budget and travel time constraints.

 - Mobility-as-a-service worldwide, Statista, 2020




Success stories

Digital engagement to drive electromobility adoption

A unique rewards program that encourages PHEV customers to choose electric mobility.


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SMA_BMW _success story

Enabling mobility-as-a-service with digital car rental platform

An empathetic customer experience through new mobility models.
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developing shared mobility products_automotive_newsletter

Transforming automotive retail experiences

A cloud-native platform to make systems conversational with an API-first digital ecosystem.


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Create next-gen shared mobility solutions

Take a look at our flexible, 5-step product design framework to quickly develop or revamp mobility products that customers love!



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